The Best All-Purpose Modules for DNN

best all purpose modules

Because DotNetNuke is open-source and has a strong community of developers behind it, modules exist that can perform highly specific web-related functions. Below are some of Clarity’s favorite all-purpose DotNetNuke modules.

DNN Module for Visual Presentation: EasyDNNGallery

The EasyDNNGallery is a simple, cheap, and popular module that can greatly enhance the visual and/or interactive appeal of your website. Featuring 18 different view types and a number of customizable display features, the EasyDNNGallery allows you to make pleasing image or video displays using any of the following technologies: Ajax, Lightbox, jQuery, Flash, Mp3, and Quicktime. You can also create slideshows or embed HD videos.

DNN Module for Basic Marketing: EasyDNNnews

Document Exchange 6.1 is a module that allows you to make edits to documents directly on your server.

The EasyDNNnews module, like EasyDNNGallery, is low-cost and simple, but effective. It is a particularly great module for nontechnical users, allowing for straightforward, user-friendly publication of DNN blog posts and articles with and a one-step process for posting images. You can use this module to meet a wide variety of basic marketing needs, including blogs, news websites, events, product catalogs, and an RSS feed.

DNN Module for Document Management: DMX Document Exchange 6.1

Document Exchange 6.1 is a module that allows you to make edits to documents directly on your server. This will add a layer of security and organization to the document management processes that many businesses desperately need. You can also index the contents of documents or share documents across your portal with other members of your team. The architecture of the module is extensible, so you can create an even more customized and robust document management system if you need to.

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