The Extra Reason to Upgrade to the Latest Version of DNN Evoq 7, Upgrading DotNetNuke CMS Newest

The Extra Reason to Upgrade to the Latest Version of DNN

Why it's worth it to make the jump.

+1. The Cloud

DNN Upgrade Evoq 7

The Cloud. A Buzzword that has been floating around for years. There are so many different approaches to implementing cloud services, but one thing remains constant. Cloud content is content that you don't have to have your own hosting servers. With DNN cloud hosting you don't have to worry about what datacenter your website is hosted on; DNN cloud works.

This also means you are able to centralize your site's administration, requiring one less password and username combination. DNN handles all your website connections and ensures that downtime is minimized.

DNN Evoq 7's cloud implementation makes it much easier to install, configure, and maintain your DNN install. With an all in one hosting and CMS solution, you don't have to be concerned with compatibility or configuring settings on an outside hosting account. Leaving you with more time to work on your actual website.

Another issue that frequently comes up with outside hosting is scalability. You not only have to make sure that your hosting plan has adequate bandwidth and speed for the amount of traffic your site receives, but also that you have servers located in key areas near your expanding userbase. With DNN Evoq 7's cloud hosting expanding your geographic profile is as easy as activating another geographic location from your DNN Control Panel.

DNN Gold Certified Partner

A great advantage of cloud implementation is that large pieces of DNN maintenance are done by DNN in the cloud. You can also schedule full Content backups and test any changes you might make in a dev environment. These three aspects of cloud hosting are basically an IT administrator in the the cloud. The time and and money saved by not needing someone to maintain these systems can easily recoup the cost of your cloud services.

What's next?

If you're tired of dealing with different site administration portals, finding and managing a datacenter, installing and maintaining your DNN platform, worrying about bandwidth and location, and the various data management problems you can run into, you might be a good candidate for DNN Evoq 7's cloud hosting. And if you want to bring on a DNN Gold Partner to help with the upgrade, contact Clarity today for a free quote.

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