The Value of Enhanced Site Search in eCommerce

Internal Site Search Can Make or Break a Sale

An effective site search tool can earn your business more customers and increase sales

internal site searchAccording to eConsultancy, up to 30% of website visitors will use the internal site search tool. These visitors could be looking for information, a product to fill a need or want, or a very specific product that they can identify by a product number or exact name, just to name a few. In any of these cases, your site search needs to be able to handle the tasks it’s given and quickly show the website visitor and potential customer what they are searching your website for.

Keyword Searching

One of the most popular ways to search a website is through keywords. The website visitors enter the search term or vague product name or description they are looking for and are presented with numerous items that have the keyword in their names or descriptions. Sometimes this could lead to an overwhelmed searcher who simply abandons their search instead of combing through the many search results that they are presented with. Instead of turning potential customers off, provide them with an advanced site search tool that can make their website visit a pleasant experience.

narrowing search with categoriesNarrowing Search with Categories and Attributes

One way to help website visitors focus their search is by providing them with a site search tool equipped with filters. Enabling customers to narrow their search by picking a category, i.e. shirts or pants, or attributes that must be specific, such as color and size, not only helps slim your site’s search area, it helps the customer to find what they are looking for quicker and more efficiently. Only having to look through a few search results, instead of dozens, helps the customer shop without getting overwhelmed.

Browsing and Comparing

In some cases, customers aren’t sure what they are looking for and need to be able to use a few different search terms, look at different items and compare them to one another. Having a search tool that allows customers to select items for comparison can help make these shoppers decisions easier. Some enhanced search tools even display similar items that other customers who have searched for and bought. Being able to compare products and see what other customers ended up buying can help make the selection process easier on customers.

sku or product numberSearching with SKU: Going Straight for the Goal

Sometimes a customer knows exactly what they want, straight down to the stock keeping unit (SKU) or product number. If they come to your website ready to order a specific product, you need to make that sale as easy as possible for the customer. Enabling the customer to enter the SKU in the search box and have only that product come up in the search results makes it that much easier for the customer to quickly purchase exactly what they wanted to buy.

Clarity Can Help 

Our team at Clarity has decades of combined experience building, improving, and integrating internal site search tools for our clients. We learn what your company and your customers need from a search tool, and then make that happen. To find out more about how Clarity’s team can create the internal site search tool that your eCommerce website and business needs, call or click to contact us today!