The Way the Internet of Things Might Affect eCommerce

eCommerce and the Internet of Things 

Effects the Internet of Things can have on eCommerce

The Internet of ThingsThe Internet of Things 

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a concept where everyday things or objects can be connected to the internet or a network, which will allow those things to communicate by sending and receiving data. The connection is usually wireless so the objects can be easily moved or taken almost anywhere. According to ABI Research, it is expected that there will be over thirty billion wirelessly connected objects by 2020. This could have major implications for and have a profound impact on eCommerce. From detecting when items need to be replaced or refilled to letting your customers know exactly where there shipment is at that very second, the Internet of Things could greatly change how eCommerce works.

Auto fulfillment of Supplies, Stock, and Inventory 

The Internet of Things can make it easier than ever for fulfillment warehouses, manufacturers, and distributors to always have products and supplies available and in stock. The “thing” will be able to send information to the supplier or business to let them know when the supply is running low, how many are left, and whether they need to reorder. This information will allow businesses to use just in time inventory management, keeping their inventory level with demand and greatly reducing the chance excess inventory issues. Using the IoT for this purpose will enable all businesses to have better control over their inventory costs and inventory, never running out of or having too much stock or supplies.

the internet of things and predictive analysisMore Advanced Predictive Analysis

Having data continuously sent and received from “things,” orders, and objects enables your eCommerce business to have better and more advanced analyses, making it possible for you to make better predictions and track trends. You will be able to see how often an object is used, what it is used for, how often it might need to be restocked at a fulfillment center, and popularity by region, just to name a few variables that you will be able track. Having access to this improved knowledge about predictions and trends can help you make wiser eCommerce business decisions.

Improved Accuracy of the Status of Orders

The Internet of Things also helps improve tracking the status of orders and shipments for businesses and their customers. If you are a business that uses a fulfillment warehouse, the “thing” is able to send your information wirelessly about where it is at, if it is already packaged, and whose hands it is in, whether it be the customer, warehouse employees or transporter. For customers eager to know when they are going to receive their product, the IoT enables them to track their package every step of the way, giving them a better estimate of where it is at and what time it will arrive on their doorstep.

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