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Five Tips for Custom Design eCommerce

 Steps to follow in order to create a successful custom product design eCommerce website

Custom Product design eCommerceRunning an online business that allows your customers to create their own custom signs, shirts, or other products can be both challenging and rewarding. Hearing customers rave about how great the product turned out and how much they love it is extremely satisfying. However, dealing with the numerous issues that come with creating customized products can be very frustrating. To help decrease the issues that your business faces and increase your customers’ enthusiasm, follow Clarity’s best practices for sign, t-shirt, and custom product design eCommerce.

Leverage a jQuery or Angular Based Design Tool

The design tool that you choose to use on your site should be a jQuery or Angular based design tool. Plugins like Fancy Product Designer, which uses jQuery, are highly customizable, integrate easily with eCommerce sites, and work on all devices. It is best not to use Flash and other non-mobile friendly design tool options because so many customers are now using their mobile devices for everything, including designing and ordering custom products.

Set Up Ideal Data Flow with the Designer

Another custom product site design best practice is to set up your design tool in a way that works best for your business and is easy for your customers to use. Providing your customers with options, such as being able to create multiple product listings in order to see what the product looks like in different colors, sizes and materials as well as the price differences, will help them make a better decision about their final product, and it will help your business make a sale.

custom options for your customersEnable Users to Add Custom Imagery

Providing your customers with the ability to upload and add their own custom images, create an image gallery that can be saved to use at a later date, and add their own fonts and other style choices to the design tool is another smart practice to follow. Your customers expect to be able to upload files, no matter what format they are in, and use them as part of their custom designs. They should also be able to save these images for future custom design products on your site. Giving your customers these features lead to satisfied and return clients.

Create a Final Review and Approval Process

One of the most important features of your custom product design site, for both you and your clients, is your final review and approval process. Offer and PDF or image download option and allow them to save a draft of their design in the profile on your site. You should also include a “I approve and understand this is a final proof” message or checkbox so that both you and your client have an established understanding that this is what the final product is going to, or supposed to, look like.

Conduct a Detailed Discovery

If your eCommerce site offers a wide variety of vastly different product types, it is imperative to conduct a detailed discovery that includes both standard and edge cases. You need to test for various configurable scenarios to ensure that your processes work the way that you want them to. Your full flow should be a seamless process from the customization by the user to implementation by your fulfillment team to the final product in the hands of a satisfied customer who received exactly what they expected.

Clarity Can Help 

At Clarity, we understand how rewarding it is to offer your customers superior customized products. For nearly a decade, our team of experts has created custom eCommerce websites and other solutions for our clients. We have helped numerous businesses build custom product design eCommerce sites that enable their customers to easily create and order their customized products. To find out more about how Clarity can help you build an ideal custom product design site, call or click to contact us today!