Top 10 Benefits of a WooCommerce Dynamics AX ERP Integration


WooCommerce Dynamics AX ERP Integration and How It Can Benefit You

The Top 10 Benefits of a WooCommerce Dynamics AX ERP Integration

Ideal for manufacturing & distribution operations, Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP software also expands a company's marketing reach. Global marketers can use this intuitive software with the WooCommerce plugin to calculate taxes and duties and meet the other demands of the manufacturing, eCommerce and service industries. However, WooCommerce Dynamics AX integration is necessary to enable automated ERP features such as managing multilingual WooCommerce catalogs and multi-currency ERP conversion tables.

Integration Benefits

The benefits of a full bi-directional integration make it worthwhile to consider for any B2B operation. Global sales, multi-channel marketing, increased collaborations and a growing demand for customer self-service options are some of the top reasons for integrating all your line of business applications. Not only is Clarity a Microsoft Dynamics certified partner, but Clarity’s own Clarity Connect integration platform provides robust and extensible capabilities for integrating with AX’s custom workflows and entities.

The following 10 benefits rank among the top integration advantages for most B2B companies:

1. Better Management of Manufacturing Processes

WordPress integrations enable using a host of apps and plugins to manage key manufacturing processes. The Microsoft Dynamics AX software can be custom-tailored to suit the needs of any industry or manufacturing process including new technologies such as additive manufacturing. Additive manufacturing, or 3-D printing, is now used by 59 percent to 75 percent of manufacturers. [1] Companies can offer build-to-order services to their customers or manufacture products based on BI forecasts that are automatically captured from integrated third-party resources.

2. Increased Global Marketing Capabilities

Automating business processes for international transactions clearly ranks as one of the biggest benefits of Dynamics AX eCommerce integration. About 56 percent of marketers feel that it’s critical to design the right kind of compelling content for each stage of the customer journey. [2] Companies can set up custom displays for customers in their native languages, generate customer-specific content and offer extended payment options to increase conversion rates. Integration can pull VAT, customs and duties and tax rates from Dynamics AX ERP software or additional third-party integrations.

3. Reduced Time Needed to Replenish Supplies and Inventory

Integration efficiencies include the ability to post information once and have it sent to all company business applications (CRM, ERP, HER, PIM, EDI, fulfillment, etc.). Connections between sales and order fulfillment departments can trigger the reordering of supplies, components and products to keep inventory levels at predefined levels. Direct connections with key parts of the supply chain can expedite the ordering of raw materials and can provide real-time inventory stock counts or improved lead time accuracy to your clients.

4. Streamlined Project Management

The benefits of a WooCommerce storefront integrated with Dynamics AX software include better, more focused project management. Everyone on the team will be able to collaborate seamlessly on each project. The benefits of integration for project management include:

  • Streamlined process for integrating a new project into business operations
  • Proprietary management of each project's budget
  • Enabled collaborations among team members and external associates
  • Automated management of time, expenses and invoices
  • Improved management of resources

5. Managed Lifecycle Services

Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP software--when fully integrated--can manage lifecycle services such as evaluating the cost of licenses, tracking projects and day-to-day operations with advanced digital tools, simplifying upgrades and monitoring factory and office environments.

6. Reduced Costs

The cost savings of integration include reduced paperwork, faster dispatch times, a decreased need for human resources, more accurate data across platforms and better visibility into WooCommerce stores to expedite decisions. Cost savings accrue across departments and channels with automated features such as eliminating the need to make repetitive entries and recruit temporary employees for seasonal upswings. Greater efficiency means that existing employees can handle increased business and still have more time to focus on income-generating activities.

7. Enhanced Customer Service

Dynamics AX eCommerce integration puts all company and customer information in front of customer service staff members so that they can manage any problem quickly and skillfully. Even small errors in a customer order can result in major headaches such as the wrong products being delivered or items being delivered to an incorrect address.

Delays in the supply chain can ruin a customer’s business promotion. The more documents a company handles, the more opportunities for human errors. That’s why integration is so essential for providing great customer service. Integrated functions validate data and confirm orders with customers to prevent these kinds of errors. Information from multiple departments is compared and synchronized to detect any inconsistencies.

8. Increased Job Satisfaction

Employees do better work when they can interact more closely with customers instead of spending hours of productive time on manual “busy work.” Integration also enables the engineering of better HR applications for employee self-service, onboarding processes and company recruiting efforts. Integrating with third-parties allows HR hiring staff to connect with top talent on social platforms and other internet touch points.

9. Customized Financial Management

Multi-channel marketing generates many unique financial issues such as how to separate and integrate marketplace platform sales. Other distinctive financial issues include setting up new departments and stores, subsidiaries, warehouses and distribution centers. Companies can set their own custom security credentials for each stakeholder, which makes it easier to monitor financial transactions and detect any irregularities.

10. Segregated Security Measures

Integration alienates new information in the API layer until the data is confirmed and validated. This benefit can be very important for multi-channel marketing companies because the API middleware adds an extra layer of security between a brick-and-mortar operation and/or WooCommerce integration storefront and the Microsoft Dynamics AX software and other internal business applications. This engineering creates a dynamic data clearinghouse that operates incredibly fast--within milliseconds--to push and pull data securely so that the information can be verified and used in real-time.

Building Better B2B Platforms

When you're ready for the expanded business capabilities of seamless WordPress integrations, hiring an experienced and certified development vendor is the best strategy. The right vendor will collaborate with your IT staff to create powerful connections with customers, their stakeholders and your employees and vendors to create a seamless WooCommerce Dynamics AX integration. Unified communications, dynamic customer self-service features and expanded collaboration tools help to build a world-class B2B marketing platform. Give Clarity a call today to discuss your Dynamics AX integration project.


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