Top 10 Benefits of a WooCommerce Epicor ERP Integration


WooCommerce Epicor ERP Integration and How It Can Benefit You

Top 10 Benefits of a WooCommerce Epicor ERP Integration

WooCommerce Epicor integration provides distinct advantages for B2B manufacturers and other companies. The integration is ideal for both discrete and mixed-mode manufacturing. Epicor’s end-to-end product offers modular software that quickly streamlines all business processes while reducing costs and improving customer engagement and self-service options. Not only does Clarity know WooCommerce, we know Epicor and have production environments where we’ve integrated WooCommerce with Epicor’s ERP using our Clarity Connect integration platform.

Driving Business Growth with WooCommerce Epicor Integration

Epicor eCommerce integration with WooCommerce’s cataloging and content functions are just the beginning of the possibilities that full integration can provide. These include selling products on marketplace platforms and other channels. Omni channel platforms are becoming increasingly common, and many customers want to be able to buy products, supplies and parts from the same vendor. [1] Integration provides seamless management of multichannel sales and marketing efforts. The top benefits of integration for all types of B2B manufacturers include:

1. Pulling Catalog Updates from Epicor and Sending Them to WooCommerce

Catalog updates are easy when everything’s integrated. Epicor automatically sends product updates to the WooCommerce store. These include prices, product descriptions, images, stock quantities and complete information about the customer and updated inventory figures. [2]

2. Enabling Greater Collaboration

Collaboration is critical in B2B organizations. That includes collaboration with business associates, peer-to-peer groups and social media platforms. Integrated Epicor Eagle software allows B2B platforms and their customers to share information readily without risking security breaches. These collaborations can quickly solve a range of problems, respond to changing circumstances and share consumer information, product reviews and more details about products, materials and the supply chain.

3. Enhancing Business Performance

WordPress integrations enable a range of automated business processes by strengthening relationships with customers, suppliers and business associates. Each stakeholder gets inventory updates that simplify the ordering process, and integration can provide accurate information about how long it takes to replace key products and special components. The system can then trigger automated manufacturing runs and orders for supplies while ensuring that runs are scheduled at optimal times when everything is ready.

4. Delivering Better Staff and Customer Experiences

The customer experience has become critical for manufacturers. Customers want customized products, special prices and small-batch production runs to satisfy their clients. Integrations enable powerful user features such as connecting with carriers, managing customer accounts in self-service, researching products and the supply chain and collaborating online to manage complex PO processes that require approvals from multiple decision-makers. Staff members can manage all business operations more efficiently with ERP and other business tools that deliver automated reports. Epicor eCommerce integration also delivers better mobile experiences with responsive design, greater independence from the desktop and expanded connections with customer touchpoints. [3]

5. Managing Field Service Automation

Sales and service teams need to work together to achieve the highest success rates. Field service automation provides companies with automated intelligence on traffic, weather, current deployment of service teams and available talent to match service needs.

6. Using Analytical Insights

Epicor ERP provides expanded insights into the information that’s critical to increase sales conversions, generate leads and foster customer satisfaction. Analytics can help companies identify and categorize buyer preferences, buying behavior and demographic profiles.

7. Delivering Comprehensive Payment Options

B2B customers often have complex purchasing needs that can vary from country to country. Integrating Epicor Eagle ERP software and the WooCommerce CMS provides advanced functionality that is both industry-specific and supportive of global marketing whether it’s calculating taxes in China or meeting product standards in Peoria. One of the most important issues for B2B organizations is offering multiple payment options such as purchase orders, e-checks, credit card sales, global currency conversions and real-time payment authorizations.

8. Managing Inventory and the Supply Chain

Managing inventory and suppliers efficiently plays a big role in B2B manufacturing success. Deals often hinge on the ability to manufacture products quickly without big delays or interruptions based on unforeseen circumstances. WordPress integrations make is easy to manage logistics, speed ordering by connecting directly with the supply chain and compile real-time inventory figures from multiple warehouses.

9. Matching Industry-specific Needs

When a company markets globally, there are different regulations to consider. Managing compliance issues can be challenging when the regulations differ among jurisdictions. Compliance issues are critical for manufacturing companies that must meet product requirements--such as lot tracking and industry specifications--and financial guidelines to protect and safeguard customer information. Medical manufacturers have even tougher regulations such as HIPAA regulations. Clarity has extensive experience with HIPAA development. Integration automates updating regulations, monitoring manufacturing processes and tracking faulty supplies and components. WordPress integrations can trigger automatic processes such as maintenance, repairs and part replacements within the recommended service times.

10. Simplifying Adoption for Staff and Stakeholders

It’s easier to adopt Epicor ERP and WooCommerce CRM than many other types of software. Administrators can build and maintain stronger connections with customers and stakeholders by providing user-friendly applications. Integration automates so many processes that it doesn’t take much training to use the platform proficiently. Customers will appreciate the ease of touch-enabled user experiences while staff members will enjoy the benefits of an integrated dashboard that provides an overview of all business activities.

Why Companies Need a Custom WooCommerce Epicor Integration

Unfortunately, Epicor ERP software doesn’t come with an API, and the company hasn’t developed a WooCommerce connector as of the summer of 2018. Many developers have tried to build their own connectors, but have failed. Clarity not only built one, but we’ve implemented it into production on a WordPress WooCommerce Epicor integration. An experienced developer is essential for realizing all the benefits Epicor eCommerce integration can deliver. Give Clarity a call today to discuss your Epicor WooCommerce integration project.


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