Top 10 Benefits of a WooCommerce Oracle ERP Integration


WooCommerce Oracle ERP Integration and How It Can Benefit You

Top 10 Benefits of a WooCommerce Oracle ERP Integration

Ordering a Woocommerce Oracle integration for a company's B2B platform can automate all back-end accounting and business-management applications. Staff members only need to enter information once, and the data is sent everywhere needed including sales departments, inventory management, fulfillment services, accounting, customer service and much more.

The biggest obstacle of integrating with Oracle is finding an affordable integration development company. That’s where Clarity steps up. Our very first project, over 13 years ago, was to design and build a custom B2B eCommerce platform and integrate it with Oracle. This was so exciting for the founders, that this project guided us to develop our own custom integration platform. Now 3,000 integrations and more than 1,300 websites later, we’re both eCommerce and integration specialists.

The following top benefits of integration provide an extraordinary level of business efficiency for B2B eCommerce companies:

1. Offering Customers Expanded Sales and Payment Options

Woocommerce Oracle integrations enable companies to offer highly efficient self-service features. Everything is synced automatically, and orders are forwarded to the right warehouses for fulfillment. Customers can make partial payments, use purchase orders or pay their invoices online with credit cards, bank transfers and other payment methods like PayPal. [1] Companies can also market their products on multiple sales platforms and sync their data in one place to manage all sales, inventory and supplies for manufacturing.

2. Enjoying Automated, Enterprise-class Oracle Business Applications

Oracle ERP eliminates most repetitive processes when the software is integrated with Woocommerce. No matter what department, staff members can access sales, marketing, customer profiles, human resources, real-time inventory figures and manufacturing departments. Oracle ERP can support an incredible array of business applications, departments, regional offices and stakeholder resources. The only thing that slows it down, is a lack of real-time data from customers interacting on your web properties. Clarity Connect can provide that real-time integration for not only eCommerce sites, but purchasing portals, websites, marketplaces, sales portals, mobile applications and much more.

3. Streamlining Operations

Operations in pre-integration days often grew haphazardly and became increasingly complex and siloed. Integration removes barriers and streamlines all business processes to reduce paperwork, save money and provide real-time accurate information to every authorized user on the operating platform.

4. Forecasting More Accurately

Forecasting sales and market trends can be difficult to manage. Forecasters must look at past sales, seasonal sales trends, the economic health of the economy, political changes and the financial markets. Full WordPress integrations can include any number of third-party BI resources and integrate the data in one convenient place to make forecasting easier. Staff can also set up automated alerts when certain conditions occur.

5. Simplifying Compliance

Oracle ERP software can manage compliance seamlessly by tracking regulations, tracing lot numbers, automating repairs and maintenance tasks and tracking human resources throughout the manufacturing process.

6. Strengthening Security

Oracle is known for its strong security protocols, which some experts consider "unbreakable." [2] Unfortunately, there are always holes in security, many of which come from manual operations and human error. Integration all but eliminates entry errors while automating security processes to take full advantage of Oracle's security technology.

7. Collaborating with Associates and Stakeholders

Fewer and fewer businesses succeed when working in siloed environments. In today’s digital marketing and sales, collaboration is critical among peer-to-peer groups, business associates and cross-channel departments within an organization. Centralized data and eCommerce Oracle integration enable different groups to work together more efficiently than ever. Communication options are expanded and groups can collaborate on complex projects in a secure environment.

8. Automated Upgrades

The Oracle ERP suite of applications integrates seamlessly with most types of business software. Oracle frequently updates its software with the latest legal and technological industry standards. That's one of the greatest benefits of integration--administrators don't need to worry about downtime or complex troubleshooting. When functional endpoints are embedded in the API layer, future software upgrades won't affect any of the automated or customized processes. [2]

9. Using a Well-designed User Interface, or UI

Oracle ERP comes with a fantastic user interface that many different users can learn quickly. Staff members can move easily from one computer to another. Companies can take advantage of many built-in applications without buying or leasing more software applications. [3] However, larger B2B companies can benefit by customizing their interfaces for different groups and integrating additional business applications to make their businesses run more efficiently. Designing a custom interface or portal for customers is one of the strongest benefits of full integration.

10. Generating Limitless Design Options

Oracle software allows lots of customizations, and Woocommerce offers many standard design templates that can be personalized with hundreds of WordPress plugins. Integrating the two enables staff and customers to modify any design features to suit their particular preferences and business needs with a little help from an experienced development partner or IT consultant.

Upgrading the Digital Experience

Finding a developer to manage your eCommerce Oracle integration is the wisest strategy for B2B companies because they have higher standards of service to satisfy a variety of buyer profiles. You can upgrade the digital experience for your customers while saving time with the automation of most business processes. Woocommerce integration empowers customers to perform thousands of actions on your sales platform while reducing human errors. From our very first project, Clarity, eCommerce, Oracle and integration are core to our competencies. Give us a call today to discuss your Oracle integration project.


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