Top 10 Benefits of a WooCommerce Syspro ERP Integration


WooCommerce Syspro ERP Integrations and How It Can Benefit You

Top 10 Benefits of a WooCommerce Syspro ERP Integration

A Woocommerce Syspro integration offers better ways to manage the complexities of planning, scheduling and manufacturing products. The eCommerce integration process is being adopted by more and more manufacturers and distributors because it automates business processes, provides great customer experiences, streamlines internal operations and manages complex supply chains seamlessly.

One of the major problems that manufacturers face today is complying with industry regulations. Integration makes it easy to track product lots, comply with new regulations and protect customer data and financial information. One of the difficulties of integration is that every vendor or entity within your supply can have a different way that they expose their information. Most still use the old EDI method of providing an XML file, with their own proprietary named fields. Some now have updated APIs, and there are still other CXML, databases, and more. Clarity Connect is a platform that can handle any type of integration, making your entire supply chain, one well-connected system.

The top 10 benefits of Woocommerce Syspro integration include the following benefits for manufacturers and distributors:

1. Manage an End-to-End Supply Chain with eCommerce Integration

Supply chains for manufacturers can be complex to manage. It’s impossible to schedule production without knowing when the raw materials will arrive. Integration enables better communications throughout the entire supply chain. Staff members can monitor every aspect of the supply chain including shipping logistics, warehouse interim storage and automated ordering of the supplies needed for production processes.

2. Foster Greater Visibility of the Manufacturing Process

The complex data involved in product creation and the manufacturing process are even more complex to deal with manually than organizations that just sell products. Companies need strong back-office connections to make financial decisions that often depend on tight profit margins. Decision-makers and managers need total oversight of the process, and integration provides all the information needed in one interface. Customers can also be granted limited access to manufacturing information to help in the ordering process.

3. Meet Evolving Customer and Buyer Needs

Syspro is committed to offering customer self-service applications for the manufacturing industry. [1] WordPress integration makes it easy to add plugins from Woocommerce and other business apps and software to integrate with Syspro ERP. As customers become more demanding because of technology advances, manufacturers often need to create customized products and smaller runs to keep customers happy. Additive manufacturing can produce small runs and product prototypes. Customers can connect with factory staff to confirm the order, issue further instructions and provide feedback. Dealing with customers and offering expanded self-service options are among the biggest manufacturing benefits of integration.

4. Optimize Productivity

In today’s manufacturing processes, getting supplies, equipment and workers together is critical. Even short delays can result in big cost overruns. Integration reduces delays in the manufacturing assembly line by preventing delays. If supplies are running late, floor managers can schedule other jobs to optimize productivity. Everyone has access to the same databases and information, so changing to production schedule doesn’t cause chaos and major delays.

5. Automate Woocommerce Orders and Data

Some orders for manufacturing companies require building the products while others are just a matter of accessing ready-made products from inventory. A Clarity integration of all business applications makes it easy for both customers and staff to check inventory in real-time. If a production run is needed, an integrated system makes it easier to order products, finish necessary components and schedule product assembly.

6. Remove Manual Quality Control Processes in Favor of Automated Checks

Synchronizing all business applications makes it possible to check stock and supplies, schedule production runs, add new workflows for custom orders and confirm an order's status with the customer. On the production line, automated applications can inspect products for quality control based on criteria that the company sets. Just in time ordering can become much more accurate and automated low inventory stock alerts can be added to help oversee your materials.

7. Sync Order Fulfillment, Shipping and Stock Levels

Integration of Woocommerce into the operating platform provides many benefits such as automated order syncing, returns of shipping information to the Woocommerce database and copying all information to Syspro ERP and other business applications. Anyone in any department can check order status and tracking information including customers using self-service. The accounting system gets informed of invoicing, and instant payments are accepted and recorded throughout the company's operations. Synchronizing everything can yield a huge return in efficiency by accessing courier services, providing email tools, sending custom marketing messages and empowering XML feeds. [2]

8. Hire Top Talent with an Integrated System

The manufacturing and distribution industries require workers, but more people are leaving the workforce for self-employment. Competition is fierce for top talent, so manufacturers and distributors can expect problems in finding skilled workers. Hiring new people means replacing experienced workers with millennials who are tech-savvy. Attracting workers requires marketing savvy in social media promotions, creating content and branding the business. Integration enables HR departments to compete for top talent with content campaigns, user interfaces, automated onboarding and other features that attract tech-savvy job candidates.

9. Target an Expanded Pool of Customers

Integration facilitates reaching an expanded pool of customers. Some of the options include retail sales, marketplace platforms like eBay and Amazon, global sales and expanded digital marketing. Integration allows better communications, personalized marketing and better management of multiple sales channels. Companies can scale into new markets seamlessly, find new distributors to expand sales and provide user-friendly features that attract today’s digitally savvy buyer.

10. Manage Compliance Issues Routinely

Many industries have complex compliance guidelines that they must follow. These are particularly prevalent in food manufacturing and building high-tech components for electronic devices, medical use and transportation equipment and systems. Integration enables lot tracking, monitoring new guidelines, dealing with the Internet of Things, or IoT, devices and safeguarding sensitive data and credentials.

Empowering Manufacturers and Distributors

Adding eCommerce to your operating system can provide a host of benefits for manufacturing and distributing processes. However, successful integrations require the right raw materials. You need an experienced developer to build your system, collaborate with your IT staff and integrate all of your processes so that they work the way you want to run your business. It makes little sense to adjust your business to accommodate software and business applications. Integrate your systems, and make them accommodate your ideal business operations. Clarity not only has over 12 years of integration experience, we have our own integration platform and have over 3,000 integrations under our belt. Give us a call today to discuss your eCommerce Syspro integration project.


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