Top 3 Fail-Over Options if Your eCommerce Site Goes Down

Fail-Over Options In Case Your Hosting Goes Down

What do do to prevent losing visitors.

Going Down

Outages happen, and the best thing you can do to be prepared for this eventuality is one of three primary options. Cloudflare, or another reputable CDN to provide caching support, a DNS fail-over pointing to a backup version of the website, or a full fail-over cluster that can mirror your website’s functionality. As with many things, the cost is dependent on how complete of a fail-over protection you could want.

This is a (among other things) CDN/caching service that will "learn" what key pages the site shows most often and will keep them in memory offsite from the hosting provider to provide these pages from cache in the event a network outage occurs. The service is relatively low cost and has other benefits outside of this caching including; JavaScript and CSS file compression, image compression, security improvements, etc. They offer different plans but Clarity recommends the pro plan as a minimum which is, currently as of this writing, $20/month. Always Online

DNS Failover

Point to a quarterly or monthly (more often if preferred) backup of the production site - the server hosting this failover / backup instance can be located at the client site, on-site at Clarity or various other hosting options that have low monthly traffic requirements. The service model triggering a failover would be based on a detection of failure at the primary host - upon detection of a failure the DNS record(s) for the primary site domain(s) would change IP from the primary host to the failover host. Services like the following work well for this and are relatively low cost: Zone-Edit Fail Over Service , Nettica Fail-Over Service.

Fail-Over Cluster

Setup a "standard" failover cluster in a different zone within LW network - This would likely require an additional $500-2,000/month in infrastructure setup to enable within a traditional hosting model where there is a load balancer, file replication model and another failover server/servers. This would provide a full solution / standard model for failover to another data center/zone which would typically reduce likelihood of potential issues by multiple orders of magnitude. This option is much more expensive and may not be necessary to deliver the necessary redundancy."

Clarity Can Help

If 100% uptime is a requirement for your site, Clarity can ensure whatever steps you need are taken and a fail-over is set up to best meet your needs. Contact us today

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