Understanding SQL and MySQL

What is SQL?

Clarity utilizes SQL to enhance organizations operationsStructured query language (SQL) is a software language used to generate, augment, and retrieve data from relational database management systems (RDBMS). SQL can be pronounced either S-Q-L or Sequel, there is no correct way. Since its development in the early 1970s at IBM, SQL has been an integral part in organizations ranging from enterprise level corporations to business school projects.

SQL Syntax

The SQL language is divided into several different semantic elements. The following components include:
  • Clauses – Essential components of statements and queries
  • Expressions – Produce either scalar values, or tables consisting of columns and rows of data
  • Predicates – Specify conditions that can be evaluated to SQL three-valued logic
  • Queries – The most common operation in SQL. This function retrieves the data based on specific criteria. Queries allow users to describe the desired data, and leave the DBMS responsible for orchestrating the physical operations needed.
  • Statements – Have a persistent effect on schemata and data, or which may control transactions, program flow 

What is MySQL?

Clarity uses MySQL to deliver business resultsThe world’s most popular open-source SQL database management system, MySQL is available for free download on the internet. The open-source platform allows anyone to adjust the software at their own liking.

MySQL differentiates from SQL because it acts as a relational database, not an interactive language. MySQL is a program that understands SQL. This is the actual database optimized for data storage and retrieval. Databases such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, SQLite and others all interact using the SQL language.

Originally developed to handle huge networks quickly, MySQL supports a wide range of APIs and standalone products. Basically any application can be supported by this popular, supple software. Additionally, MySQL databases can support a small set of applications, and can scale to manage entire machines.

MySQL has tons of famous clients that are supported by its robust abilities in data storing. Popular applications that use the MySQL database include: Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, and more. The software is also employed for large data websites like Wikipedia and Google. Social media juggernauts like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube also take advantage of MySQL’s speed and data storing capabilities.

Clarity, SQL, and MySQL

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