Using Social Media to Drive eCommerce Sales

Social Commerce: Increasing Your eCommerce Sales 

Tapping into social media platforms to make more online sales

social media eCommerceAccording to Invesp Consulting, social commerce generated $5 billion in revenue in the United States in 2013. Using social media websites to drive online sales can prove very profitable for your eCommerce business. Social media platforms provide eCommerce companies with the ability to present their companies, ideas, and products to an enormous audience of potential customers. Social media allows your eCommerce business interact with customers and show information and products in ways that your website doesn’t.

Facebook eCommerceFacebook: The Ultimate Sales Tool 

Facebook is the top social media site that drives eCommerce sales. A study by Shopify found that Facebook brings 63% of social media visits to Shopify stores and an average of 85% of orders that come from social media are brought by Facebook. Shopify also found that Facebook has the highest conversion rate of all social media platforms.

Facebook eCommerce Sales Tips 

  • Post about your products and services with links to your eCommerce website
  • Post images of products and products in use. Images are more likely to generate engagement than other types of posts.
  • Use posts to ask questions to your customers and engage in a conversation with them.
  • Boost Facebook posts and use Facebook ads to target specific audiences.
  • Offer giveaways, contests, discounts and coupon codes through your Facebook page.

Vimeo eCommerceVimeo and YouTube 

Vimeo and YouTube, both video content social sites, are tied for second place behind Facebook when it comes to social media conversion rates, according to Shopify. Videos allow your business to share content with viewers and even see your products in action. Videos present a unique way to show your products features, details, and better explain product uses than you could by writing it.

Tips for YouTube and Vimeo


  • Transcribe your videos so they are more search engine friendly and allow your potential customers the option of reading through the information if they want to.
  • Try to keep your videos less than two minutes long. According to socialbakers, videos that are less than two minutes generate the most views. 


  • Use your other social media sites to promote your videos since Vimeo is a smaller platform.
  • Respond to comments and questions that viewers leave on your videos to further engage with them.

Instagram eCommerceInstagram

According to Shopify, Instagram comes in fourth when it comes to social media conversion rates. Instagram allows the user to share a picture, with a filter if they choose, or short video as well as comment on their own and others posts.

Instagram eCommerce Sales Tips

  • Host campaigns and contests to engage potential customers.
  • Use a hashtag for your brand and campaigns that is specific and unique to your company.
  • Link your photos and videos to product pages on your eCommerce site so visitors can quickly and easily make conversions.

Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Other Social Media Platforms 

Above are just a few of the most popular social media sites when it comes to social commerce. Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and LinkedIn could all be viable social media platforms for your company to use to gain conversions. The most important thing to consider when selecting which social media platforms you want to use is your customers. What social sites do they use? What sites are they most interested in? What kind of content will interest them the most? These are just a few of the questions to ask yourself when choosing social sites that you want to drive eCommerce sales from.

Clarity Can Help

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