What is a Dynamics GP Integration with your B2B eCommerce?

Dynamics GP Integration and your B2B eCommerce

Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains and eConnect

Consumers and businesses alike expect tailored products, seamless B2C interactions, detailed information tracking and most of all, the ability to do all of this from the comfort of our couch at home. Business to Business e commerce customers have come to expect the same custom tailored products, detailed information tracking, and the quick and seamless interactions commonly associated with B2C oriented commerce websites. With such high expectations and B2B eCommerce consumer demand soaring (accounting for over $550 billion annually), how can a business increase the efficiency of their eCommerce platform? That is where Microsoft Dynamics GP Integration and eConnect come into play.

So, your business is already plotted on the social media map and your website is the first on the list, wouldn’t that make you the best? If you think so, I think you may need to think again. eCommerce is much more complex than meets the eye. There is a living, breathing machine that works behind the scene. For every transaction there is a reaction, shipping costs, tracking info, reporting the sale, updating inventory, you name it. With all this time consuming work to do, you are missing out on an opportunity to increase your efficiency and customer satisfaction by using GP’s automated-processing. With GP you will be able to seamlessly access, organize and manage all digital aspects of a business. Live reporting, complex storefronts, inventory management and even employee reports are all available with Great Plains. Without the constant need enter and update date, the intelligent processing Dynamic delivers will cut down on every aspect of your e Commerce back end work.

What is Dynamics GP?


Microsoft Dynamics GP is an out-of-the-box management powerhouse. Simple as that. With this product, businesses are able to fully exploit the benefits of all online channels. Whether you are focusing on an online, mobile, social, or third-party marketplace, using Dynamics GP with eConnect for your B2B Dynamics GP eCommerce will increase the overall efficiency of your business. GP Integration equips a company with real-time information tracking, asset organization and resource management of all aspects in a business. When coupled with eConnect’s interface, the business is given access to a collection of tools and components that work seamlessly within Dynamics GP. These interfaces make your e Commerce accessible by external applications such as; point-of-sale systems, web storefronts, online services, tax and shipping calculations and more. When dealing with online markets, torrents of information and the demand for fast transactions can cause a business to easily fall behind the expectations of the business consumer. In order to meet and exceed these, a business using Dynamics Great Plains will be able to fully revitalize and increase the overall performance of their e-Commerce.

What Will I Gain if I Integrate my B2B e-Commerce with Great Plains?

With all this talk of Dynamics GP and eConnect, what exactly are the benefits of utilizing this integration software? Below are a few of the benefits you too, could reap and exploit.

  • Efficient automated order processing and data integration
  • Increased marketing opportunities and promotional activities through business intelligence and intimate knowledge of consumer behavior
  • Seamless online catalogs with live product reporting
  • Exploit multiple channels or storefronts from a single system
  • Utilize cross-selling, up-selling, and product recommendations
  • Implement search engine optimization techniques
  • Automated tracking, reporting, and data entry
  • Accurate product information on inventory, sales, shipping, delivery, etc.
  • Create reports, share documents and enable alerts throughout the company
  • Best of all, all this information is accessible on multiple platforms (Mobile, Tablet, etc.)
These are only a few of the benefits you could be utilizing. GP Integration with your eCommerce could completely revitalize your way of doing business. Whether you are looking to reduce development time, reduce existing development tools or you are wanting to leverage industry-standards, Dynamics GP is capable of doing all that and more.

With learning all this, I now ask you, what is a Dynamic GP Integration with your B2B eCommerce? Are you going to integrate? Learn more at the Dynamics GP eCommerce Integration Resource Center.