Why Integrated Data & Systems are Key for eCommerce Scalability

eCommerce Scalability Improved by Integrating Business Systems 

How eCommerce scalability is positively affected by integrations

scalabilityScalability: What Is It and Why Does Your eCommerce Need It? 

Scalability is the ability to grow or scale your business and business technologies to meet certain needs. Your eCommerce site needs to be able to scale to handle growth and more concurrent users on your website. If your eCommerce site doesn’t have the scalability capacity that you need your site will run extremely slow, or even worse, crash. Your entire eCommerce business also needs to be scalable in order to be able to handle more customers and grow into a larger, more profitable business.

Integrations Help Improve Scalability

There are numerous ways to help improve scalability. One major approach to help your site and business scale better is by integrating your business systems and data. While it may not be the first way you would think of to improve scalability, integrations can have a major impact on your bottom line.

automated processesAutomating Processes Can Make a Huge Difference

One of the ways integrations make a big impact on eCommerce is by using your systems to automate business processes. Without integration making your systems work together, many processes would have to be handled manually. For example, handling order confirmation, fulfillment, shipment and delivery would usually have to be a manual process, but by integrating systems, your business will be able to automate all of those order fulfillment processes, saving your company valuable time, money, and resources. Automated processes also cut down on the time it takes to complete an order which helps increase customer satisfaction and the likelihood that they will do business with your company again.

Reduces Overhead, Improves Margins and Increases Savings

 While integrating business systems may appear costly, the resources, time, and money that the integrations save your company will be more than worth it.

Integration of your business systems can end up saving your company quite a bit of money. Integration can help you reduce overhead costs by improving fulfillment processes. Overhead costs also get reduced as orders climb. The lower the overhead costs, the better the margins are. As your business scales because of successful integrations, your savings can also increase. Integrated business systems that help you keep real time inventory and access business reports helps you better and more easily manage your inventory which can lead to lower inventory costs. While integrating business systems may first seem costly or time consuming, the resources, time and money that the integrations save your company will be more than worth it. 

Clarity Can Help

At Clarity, we understand that scalability is vital to an eCommerce business’s success. Our team of experts is highly trained at integrating business systems with each other as well as with eCommerce websites to help improve a company’s eCommerce scalability. Our eCommerce platform, Clarity eCommerce, makes integration with websites and systems easy and is a highly scalable platform on its own. To find out more about Clarity eCommerce or how business system integrations can help your eCommerce business scale, call or click to contact us today!