It is important to pay close attention to the users' experience of your eCommerce store. Many studies have shown that better shopping cart and website workflows increase conversions. eCommerce managers are always looking for ways to improve their website and the experience of their visitors. Here are three ways to do just that:


Product Showcase

Using larger and clearer pictures to show off your products is a good way to help your customers feel more comfortable in buying your product. Remember that they're "shopping." Usually they window shop or go to a store to look at, hold, test drive or whatever the item that they're considering buying. They still need that shopping experience on your online site, so whatever you can do to provide that helps. Make hi-res graphics and offer image zoom. Start with 1024 x 1024 graphics for the zoomed images.  Consider having PDF brochures, warranty cards, and possibly a video as well. Keeping your product pages free of unnecessary text and banners will help keep your visitors focused on the actual product.


Be Honest

Showing your shipping and handling cost up front is best if you want to keep your visitors comfortable with the checkout process. No one wants to be held in suspense and surprised at the end of the checkout process. Studies have shown that up to 72% of shoppers will abandon their purchase if there's no free shipping option.  Make sure to compare your pricing against your competitors and Amazon, just to see what other options they have. That can be a clear indicator if you're being competitive. Also, clearly list your telephone and address on every page. It is another way to help your visitors feel that your company is credible. Stick it right in the footer so it's easy to establish that you're a credible business and not some person reselling goods from China from your couch.


Simple Design

If your website is too difficult to navigate, it’s less likely that a visitor will follow through on a purchase. Remember the 3-30-3 Rule. You only have 3 seconds for the visitor to either know that they're on the right page, or figure out where to go. If you can't do that, then the rest of the rule of engagement doesn't matter, they'll already be gone from your site. Keep all pages simple and focused, and your conversation will be better than if your website has too many distractions. If you have questions about eCommerce design, development or would like a free quote for your own or updated eCommerce solution, please contact Clarity.


Enterprise eCommerce

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