Shopping in the physical world is a tactile experience. You can touch and feel the items you’re buying. Shopping online is quite a bit different – you usually only have a graphical representation of the product on which to base your buying decision. That’s changing with the advent of 3D technology. eCommerce websites can now give their visitors something closer to the traditional shopping experience. Here at Clarity Ventures, we can help you take advantage of this burgeoning technology.

Can 3D Really Help eCommerce Websites?

If you’re running an eCommerce website, then you know that taking advantage of every tool at your disposal is essential. However, it’s also vital that you use only those tools that are actually useful and can generate profitability through better eCommerce. Doing otherwise is a waste of time and money. Can 3D technology really benefit your eCommerce business? It’s possible, though the jury is still out on this one. The technology is simply too new to make a definitive prediction here.

How Does It Work?

3D technology is everywhere today, from your TV to Blu-ray players and movie theaters. It’s immensely popular and there are several technological platforms that offer this type of performance. With 3D for Enterprise eCommerce, you first have to register your business and products with an eMall (those from Virtual E-shopping). Shoppers at the eMall have to download special software that transforms their experience from 2-dimensional to 3-dimensional. Shopping is done with an avatar in a fully realized virtual world that promises to engage the consumer on an intrinsic level. There are also additional branding opportunities thanks to the very different graphical rendering with this eCommerce solution.

The Integration of Social Media

In the end, it seems that 3D eCommerce technology offers some pretty impressive advantages.

Another key element of this platform is that it integrates social media as well. Shopping at real-world malls involves other people, social interaction and other elements, and the integration of social media allows virtual shoppers to come close to this experience in the eCommerce world.

In the end, it seems that 3D eCommerce technology offers some pretty impressive advantages. It can provide you with the means to give your shoppers a new experience, a better idea of what your product really is and more. Of course, the technology is still new so it will be interesting to see just where it goes. Clarity Ventures can help you explore this brand new world and tailor it to your eCommerce offerings.

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