Social media is a powerful customer relationship and promotion tool, but sometimes businesses need tools to leverage this potential. These are some of our favorites:


Wildfire is a promotion builder that helps marketing teams start and promote contests on their websites and Facebook. Wildfire is very popular in the marketing community and for good reason. Wildfire has led to many successful campaigns that have resulted in big increases in fans and followers.


HubSpot is a full service inbound marketing solution that helps its customers manage their entire inbound campaign with one tool. With HubSpot you can do anything from start and manage a blog to run a full SEO campaign.

We’ve all heard: “Content is King.” helps companies distribute content across social media platforms. It does this by programmatically pulling the content from RSS feeds and distributing as the user directs. Dan Zarrella from HubSpot released research that suggested users that post more links on average have more followers.

North Social

North Social advertises themselves as a way to “Unlock the power of Facebook.” NS develops Facebook apps to help marketers utilize the potential of Facebook. There are eCommerce apps, Video apps, Photo apps, and more. They also have a white label version for partners.

If you have any questions about social media campaign management, please contact us to discuss!

Enterprise eCommerce

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