Bringing in frequent new customers is healthy for all businesses, but even relatively successful companies can fail if they have a high churn rate. A churn rate is the ratio of total customers against how many customers are abandoning your product or brand for a new one. The companies that solve this puzzle have an upper hand on gaining market share from their competition. Customer retention is more important than ever while the eCommerce space becomes more competitive. Here’s what you need to know to keep your customers:

Your site should be usable.

No matter how much product differentiation or price competitiveness you have, your customers will not care if your site is hard to use. Visitors tend to decide whether or not to leave a website within the first 3-4 seconds, you need to impress them quickly.

Become a community or resource.

If your customers begin to habitually revisit your site, you win. Forming a community or offering relevant resources is the best way to do this.


If you offer loyalty programs to your frequent customers, more of your infrequent customers will have extra incentive to buy your product more often.

Be kind and helpful.

Customer service is key. If you want to have an advantage on your competition, having unique and flawless customer service is a good path to take. This is much easier said than done.

Remember them.

Allow customer profiles so that you can collect data on customers’ name, their favorite products, and so on. Feeding this back to a customer will make them feel more comfortable on your site. Remember, customer retention is extremely important to retail eCommerce. Contact us if you have any questions regarding eCommerce retention strategy.

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