With the rise of mobile devices, the cloud has become an enormously hot topic for eCommerce. Google has long had a significant grip on cloud services with their Android Marketplace. However, Amazon has been getting into the act here lately too. Their Amazon app store gives Android users the ability to download their favorite apps (much like Kindle books) and make sure they’re up to date. The cloud is here to stay, and Clarity Ventures can help you take advantage of it.

What Is Amazon Doing to Separate Itself from Google?

Perhaps the most important way that Amazon is distinguishing itself from Google is in its approach to copy protection. DRM (digital rights management) technology is not new, but it remains an essential topic for mobile app developers. The point of Amazon’s system is to make life simpler for both eCommerce developers and consumers. It does this through an interconnected series of relationships between the app device, the app store and the cloud. The app device will ping the cloud to verify the license, the app store will verify with the cloud and once the license is verified, updates and expansions can be downloaded immediately.

It Keeps Customers Coming Back

While the point of Amazon’s DRM technology is to simplify things, what it actually does is something else. It keeps Amazon customers tied to the Amazon app store for life. As long as they want to receive updates and keep their license intact, they have to use the app store for their purchases. Google’s Android Marketplace works in a similar fashion. It also allows users to download all of their purchased apps to a new device once the Amazon app store has been downloaded (it’s free). In all, it’s a pretty slick package that offers serious benefits to consumers and developers. Consumers enjoy an all-in-one experience much like iTunes, while developers get to rely on repeat customers anxious for updates and to maintain their license.

Dealing with Rogue Applications

Google recently showed that their Android Marketplace could handle rouge applications on consumer devices and it only makes sense that Amazon’s offering would be able to do the same. That offers peace of mind for
eCommerce website developers worried about piracy and other problems inherent with app technology.

Here at Clarity Ventures, we can help you take advantage of cloud technology and new DRM methods to protect your digital offerings.

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