It’s that time again: the one in which we reflect, think back on our accomplishments, and re-examine our place in this crazy, mysterious world. No, not New Year’s Eve. It’s article round-up time!

web development article roundup december 2012

Here’s a sample of our favorite articles from the month of December:
  • Have you ever visited Amazon to purchase a pair of Saved By the Bell-themed pajamas (don’t lie), only to notice that Amazon was able to up-sell by casually noting that users who purchased the pajamas had also bought a Mr. Belding-themed tie? That’s part of responsive product catalog design, and you can build one too. It's an amazing way to increase sales while you help your customers.
  • Another way to respond to your customers' needs is by designing an adaptive eCommerce website. This technology "remembers" each customer and adapts after every visit based on what they're most likely to want and need. It's like every single customer has their own personal friendly old shopkeeper named Gordon who remembers their name and asks about their children. But unlike Gordon, adaptive websites won't require you to politely accept off-brand lollipops. 
  • Yeah, you know mobile eCommerce is a pretty big deal. But have you ever wondered where it's going in the future? Read our article on mobile business trends to find out. 
  • Are you considering a corporate portal, or do you currently operate one? Then learn all about audit trails for corporate portals, a nifty trick to keep track of your users and the information that they access, and the easiest way to feel like James Bond without buying a fancy suit. 
  • Hey you. Congrats on embarking on your PPC campaign! Once you get your landing page optimized, learn about other ways to increase your quality score here. 
  • Are you interested in getting into the display advertising realm? Then read this overview of RTB (Real Time Bidding) advertising, which won't just give you practical tips; it will also blow your mind when you learn exactly how RTB works.  
  • If your website hosts a great amount of images or other media, don't let all that weight slow it down! Let Amazon S3 integration take the load off for you. You'll feel like you're in grade school again, letting an admirer carry your books. 
  • Interested in jazzing up your website (no jazz hands required)? Then read about our favorite custom website widgets, which will add that extra element of interest and interactive fun that your users want. Plus, it gives you an excuse to say the word "widget." Try it with me: Widget. Widget. Widget. 
If none of these articles float your boat, there are dozens more in our articles section. And as always, if there’s a particular topic you’d love to know more about and it’s web-related, just ask. We’ll probably write it for you.  That’s how much we love you! 


Meg Nanson works on Clarity's marketing team. Her strengths are in copywriting, relationship-building, SEO, and strategic thinking. She loves infusing personality into brands by adapting her writing style to match the needs and philosophy of her audience. She rarely sits in a chair and can often be found sitting on her office floor or lying on the lobby couch while she works, or standing behind one of the web developers while they're trying to work. 

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