Creating dynamically constructed SKUs for products with many configurations.

If your product catalog is large, complicated or otherwise atypical, you know that it can be really difficult to find the proper solution for selling online. Off-the-shelf solutions simply cannot accommodate the variety of scenarios that are typical in the B2B world. The number of SKUs can scale infinitely upward in scenarios with large numbers of configurations.

Variable Attributes

To illustrate the point, here is an example: If you sell customized apparel with various options that include variables such as item brand, style, item color, ink color, and size, there may be an infinite number of possible configurations. How will your eCommerce system handle product numbers? Because there are endless possibilities, the product number of SKU will not exist until it is created during the order. You will need a scalable database that can accommodate the quantity of numbers, but also the ability to dynamically construct the SKU on the fly.

The following graphic shows how Clarity eCommerce dynamically creates SKUs for our client Pro-Tec Athletics:

You can see that the SKU starts with the base model number and then adds to the SKU based on the customer’s various selections. The item is also given a name to ensure that the customer is not at all confused over what configuration is in their cart.

Dynamic Pricing

Does the price of your products change based on the customer’s configuration? It is possible to build in these price adjustments so the order can be fully executed online without any intervention from your sales team. You can map out all the pricing scenarios in Clarity eCommerce™, whether the price changes by a set amount or by a percentage. For example, an XXL shirt will likely cost more than a medium, or the same wire will have a different price based on the gauge.

Integrated Inventory Management

In a truly comprehensive solution, your eCommerce platform will also be integrated with your ERP, using the dynamically-created SKU to communicate what needs to be deducted from inventory. Imagine if your eCommerce platform could automatically inform your ERP, for example, of how much ink of each color was used in an order. This can significantly reduce your overhead and help prevent lapses in availability.

Building a custom, intelligent system to fit your business needs requires a development company with the right experience, and you’ll need to pair it with the right technologies so that your entire technological ecosystem functions as one, with the goal of making your business more efficient and capable of serving your customers.

Clarity Can Help

Clarity has been building customized product catalogs for B2B customers for years, and Clarity eCommerce was designed with scenarios like yours in mind. Dynamically constructed SKUs are just one example of the multitude of features and customizations available to ensure the technology you employ fits your business, and not the other way around. Give us a call and see what we can do for you!

Enterprise eCommerce

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