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Best Ways to Increase eCommerce Conversion Rates

Best Ways to Increase ecommerce Conversion Rates

In B2B sales, ecommerce conversions are essential as a reward for hard work during a prolonged sales process. It’s very much a percentages game, and increasing the percentage of sales conversions makes all the difference between meeting sales goals and failing. Existing customers and site visitors can be greatly influenced by strong self-service options, user-friendly convenience and simplified ordering and reordering. The right technology can streamline the ordering process, boost customer satisfaction rates and efficiently shepherd customers along their sales journeys.

Conversion rate optimization, or CRO, includes all the things that move customers along the sales funnel toward conversions. Technology and a strategic plan are essential for CRO success. Technology integrations improve CRO by automating process, collecting customer intelligence and increasing mini conversions that lead to B2B sales. Conversion rates are the most critical metric for businesses, and only about 22 percent of companies are happy with their conversion rates. [1]

The Benefits of Website Conversions

B2B ecommerce sales take longer, so companies need to refine a strategy of optimizing mini conversions throughout the sales process. These conversions include encouraging customers to sign up for newsletters, research products, request a download of a white paper, schedule a demo or get approvals from the multiple decision-makers and stakeholders of companies that use buying committees and purchase orders. Some of the benefits of strong website conversion strategies include:

Building More Landing Pages

  • Directing all customers to generic homepages doesn’t work as well as sending key customers directly to landing pages that answer their specific questions. Businesses that have more than 40 landing pages generate 12 times more leads than those with only one to five landing pages. [2]

Reducing Costs

  • Building customer-specific ecommerce portals allows customers to find pertinent information faster such as custom pricing tiers, rate quotes, product specifications and account histories. This approach to B2B customer management reduces customer service calls, streamlines administrative tasks and reduces the workload of staff members, all of which reduce operating costs. A sales portal can track purchase history, sales activities in different locations, customer preferences, purchasing patterns and other behaviors to recommend products, peripherals, incentives and other conversion-rate boosters.

Streamlining the Ordering Process

  • Platform integration creates many benefits such as empowering a greater range of self-service options such as contacting carriers onsite, automating calculations, enabling proprietary ordering apps and displaying lists of past orders to make reordering easier.

Increasing Conversions with Data

  • Technology can carry a tremendous amount of the work needed to increase sales conversions. Analytics can reveal buyer behavior and other insights that facilitate designing custom landing pages, customer interfaces and sales portals. Automated business intelligence insights can be collected automatically to strengthen the user experience and maximize conversion rates.

Upselling and Cross-Selling

  • Automatic triggers for staff help and integration-automated recommendations for accessories, upgrades and similar products can increase the size of many B2B orders. Even an improvement of a few percentage points can make a big difference in profit.

Fostering Interactive Communications

  • Customers can enjoy Live Chat, AI-driven chatbots, product videos, high-quality photos and images to increase sales conversions. An integrated platform can offer these and other forms of interactive communication to nurture sales, leads and mini conversions. Product configurators or selectors are an ideal example of using advanced technology for interactive communication. Customers using a product configurator can design their products from the ground up, get accurate prices, negotiate with the building team, automate the approval process and schedule product runs. Clarity specializes in designing and building custom product selectors / configurators.

How to Improve CRO with Platform Development

A robust B2B platform, like Clarity ecommerce, handles many processes, and most of them are designed to increase conversions. Platform development can provide many technological processes to increase ecommerce conversions and the systematic conversions needed to progress to those sales. It’s important to understand what kind of conversions are needed for ultimate sales success. Questions to consider include:

  • What kind of conversion options should the company offer--such as for submissions, chat communications, free downloads and other types of customer engagement?
  • How should the company track conversion rates--by tracking phone calls, site behavior, submissions or other methods?
  • How will leads be qualified and assigned to sales staff or automated marketing technology?
  • How can the company track and restore lost leads?
  • How can the company distinguish between sitewide sales and landing page sales?
  • How can the company use its newsletter to nurture leads and sales?
  • Are e-books and white papers viable options for the company and its customers?
  • Which calls-to-action are the most successful in different types of conversions?

Answering questions about a company’s conversion strategy paves the way to improving conversions, fine-tuning marketing campaigns and turning leads into sales. Other important conversion data include demographic, geographic, and psychographic information, purchase behavior, the quality of leads, calls-to-action wording and the effect of incentives. Building the right technology to gather and use this information is easy with CRM and ERP software, custom apps, third-party connections and full platform integration with a platform like Clarity Connect.

Improving ecommerce Conversions with Platform Development

Fostering repeat sales and maximizing onsite conversion rates are the most critical steps for B2B sales success. Clarity understands the value of these processes and can work with your IT team to integrate your platform, build customer self-service features and simplify the ordering process with customized displays, customer-specific landing pages and a host of forms and resources that generate the site conversions that lead to sales. Call or contact Clarity today for a consultation or further information.



[1] What is a Good Conversion Rate? A Guide for B2B Marketers

[2] 33 CRO & Landing Page Optimization Stats to Fuel Your Strategy

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