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Boost your Sales Conversions with Dynamics CRM

Dynamics CRM Integration and How It Can Increase Sales Conversions

Dynamics CRM ecommerce Platform offers many benefits for B2B ecommerce platforms in today’s competitive sales environment. Customer relationship management, or CRM, software can provide many user-friendly applications for customers that deliver a superior customer experience and streamline administrative tasks. However, the integration platform must be very robust and efficient for automating business processes to and from the front-office web property (ecommerce storefront, marketplace, distributor portal, website, etc.) to the CRM. Dynamics CRM is one of the top choices of B2B organizations, and integrating the software to your online B2B portal enables organizations to get the full benefits of CRM applications. 

These customer-centric processes are the lifeblood of B2B organizations that must offer expanded customer self-service options, tracking user behavior and purchases, automate sales orders processing, provide real-time stock inventory counts, integrated lead management systems such as Act-On, Marketo, Click Dimensions or Eloqua that provide automated lead scoring, data importing, social listening and event management. 

Marketing Automation and Dynamics CRM integration
Many companies choose to integrate both a Microsoft Dynamics CRM ecommerce Platform and their lead management software (Act On, Eloqua, Marketo, etc.) to automate their entire lead management process including web leads, lead routing, marketing messages, customer service inquiries and lead capture from multiple platforms, web pages, registrations, downloads, sales history and other channels. The marketing department can personalize promotional messages, and customers can be shown relevant content based on their preferences, buyer behavior and other benchmarks. Campaigns can become much more effective when they’re matched with your clients’ actual browsing and purchasing behavior. Clarity ecommerce has a Machine-learning module that can be used to track your customers’ behavior and pass that data into your CRM as contact activities. Think about your CRM having reports showing you clients at risk (users that haven’t purchased anything in 90 days), clients whose purchases are trending up drastically, and more. If your Sales reps really want some sales insight, then Clarity ecommerce is the marketplace you need.

Benefits of an integration Platform
The benefits of integrating Microsoft CRM ecommerce software into a company’s sales platform include automating a vast number of business applications. Some of the major benefits include: 


  • Better Telemarketing 
    Decision-makers change regularly in the corporate world, and keeping track of key customers or contacts is one of the big benefits of CRM integration. The software can pinpoint sales opportunities based on the season, buying-browsing history or preferences of new decision-makers or members of the client’s buying committee. Stronger lead qualification can make a phone call a valuable marketing tool because in-house staff will have a valid reason for making each call.
  • Email Marketing 
    CRM software can reveal which emails are opened so salespeople can gauge customer interest. The software can also build a holistic profile of each customer or decision-maker and use that information to personalize marketing and foster engaged and productive conversations.
  • Automated Contract Renewals 
    CRM can automate contract renewals so that customers and relationships never fall through the cracks. Sales renewals can include maintenance services, product accessories, licensing renewals, parts replacements and support services.
  • Custom Interface 
    Dynamics CRM offers a single interface where sales teams can view each sales relationship, track history, monitor sales leads, view team performance, and identify upcoming sales opportunities. However, none of this works without accurate data, and the most accurate data is captured from your users themselves, either by entering their own information or by their browsing and purchasing behaviors.
  • Mobile CRM 
    Salespeople can connect seamlessly to the platform from any mobile device, and integration enables fast validation of data so that it can be incorporated in real-time. This means that inventory figures are kept current, and salespeople can access the information to help a customer from any location. If necessary, in-house staff can handle a client’s account when the regular salesperson is unable to do so.
  • Document Sharing 
    It’s easy to share sales documents, marketing materials, sample contracts and other documents with Dynamics CRM's document management capabilities.
  • Quote Management 
    Custom quotes are important for sales conversions. Special quotes can encourage bundling products, creating customized products, offering discounts for higher quantities of a product and providing special pricing tiers.


What Is a Customer’s Value?
Customers today expect seamless self-service, real-time inventory figures and access to all their account information (purchase history, orders, invoices, quotes, returns, etc.). Providing these services efficiently enhances the customer experience and preserves the customer’s value to a B2B company. Most B2B organizations value each client more than their retail counterparts because that value can be very high due to large orders and repeat sales. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Store integration can provide a seamless tool for sales staff to increase customer value, build loyalty, upsell and cross-sell. 

Statistics Demonstrate Extraordinary Returns for CRM Investment
The returns on investment in CRM software and integration are extraordinary -- $8.71 for every dollar spent. [1] In some companies, however, 22 percent of the sales staff don’t even know what a CRM is, let alone know how to use it efficiently. The key to making your CRM more useful for salespeople is training them to take advantage of the many features that Dynamics software offers. At the end of 2017, CRM software surpassed database management systems as the biggest software revenue generator. Dynamics CRM software consistently ranks as one of the industry’s top performers, but companies will never realize the full potential of the software unless it’s fully integrated. [2] 

integration Recommendations
Choosing an experienced developer can make Dynamics CRM integration painless for your staff and salespeople. The right coders will work with your staff to train them to get the most out of Dynamics CRM software. A team of programmers experienced in B2B applications can design a seamless interface that collects data automatically in ways that meet your company’s needs. The software integrates with Microsoft Office, ERP software and all your applications. Automating business processes and delivering exceptional customer experiences becomes simple with expert integration. Clarity not only has their own integration platform (Clarity Connect), which allows integration to Dynamics CRM, but Clarity is also Microsoft Dynamics Stack certified and has experience integrating Dynamics CRM with hundreds of other back-office platforms (ERPs, Marketing Automation, Inventory management, EHR / EMRs, etc.), including their B2B global ecommerce marketplace platform, Clarity ecommerce. Give us a call today, and we’d be happy to discuss your CRM integration project.


[1] 11 CRM Stats That Sales Professionals Need to Know 

[2] Industry Surveys Rank Microsoft Dynamics CRM as a Top Competitor

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