Companies with an established business intelligence strategy see 69% more revenue per employee and a 20% reduction in BI expenditures
Business intelligence is fast becoming a way for enterprise companies to establish competitive advantages and differentiation from their industry peers. More and more companies are expressing interest in solutions that integrate raw organizational data into their line of business software, with adopters realizing exponential benefits across a wide variety of metrics and laggards left reeling and scrambling to close the competitive gap.

The purpose of this article is to establish a reservoir of resources that will help in your quest to decipher whether LOB systems integration is a an astute decision for your organization as well as to provide a easy to follow blueprint that illustrates how to go about integrating various streams of data with your LOB applications. These resources are curated from thought leaders, experts and industry leaders from around the web, with the ultimate goal of shortening your LOB software integration research process.


Business Intelligence Videos from The Experts at Microsoft


microsoft dynamics lob software integration for business intelligence resource videos | ClarityDo you use the Microsoft Dynamics suite of software applications? This video series from Microsoft's Business Intelligence Unit features a ton of useful videos demonstrating how to use their tools for enhanced and advanced business intelligence.


The Effects of Business Intelligence Techniques on Enterprise Productivity


research on business intelligence effects on enterprise productivity | ClarityThis accredited research paper from Productivity Specialists Erhun Giray Tuncay and Önder Belgin, drawing from resources such as the Harvard Business Review and numerous respected BI publications, details the effects of business intelligence techniques on enterprise productivity. The study "includes statistical methodologies used for performing BI tasks in enterprises, the reasoning mechanisms used by BI tools in the decision making process and their contribution to improve enterprise productivity..."


The Framework for an Enterprise Business Intelligence Strategy


business intelligence framework for enterprise organizations | ClarityRenowned research firm Gartner released a guide to understanding the people, processes and technologies that need to be integrated for a strategic approach to business intelligence. This framework is comprehensive and it's a great point of reference when considering an audit of your enterprise business for the purpose of optimizing business intelligence initiatives.


How to Outperform 73% of Your Competitors


business intelligence from line of business integration overview | ClaritySAP's infographic does a phenomenal job of showing where your company stands among other organizations contemplating a business systems integration for increased business intelligence. Key takeaways: Only 13.5% of organizations have widespread reliance on business intelligence and a mere 27% of firms do a better job of utilizing their data as compared to competitors.


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