"On average, 78% of all BPM projects delivered an internal rate of return greater than 15%, with some skyrocketing as high as 360%."
Astoundingly, 71% of time and resources in enterprise businesses without automation strategies is actually wasted planning and defining business processes! In fact, when productivity and process improvements are done together, with a comprehensive line of business systems integration for example, enterprise businesses can see "an improvement yield of 20% in productivity gains."

The purpose of this article is to provide you with a resource bank that will assist in your audit of business processes as well as your consideration of implementing a comprehensive business process automation strategies. This article contains a variety of expert BPM advice, case studies and other resources from industry and thought leaders from around the web.


The Pros and Cons of Business Process Automation


business process improvement vs enterprise process automation integration development | ClarityThe Kavis Technology blog posted a brief, no BS article on the pros and cons of business process improvement and business process automation. "Clearly define the intentions of your BPM projects. There is a huge difference between attempting to improve processes versus automating processes."


The Concrete Benefits of BPA


What are the REAL benefits of business process automation? Jim Moudry, a systems integration expert with 30 years of experience and the current Director of Technology for Software Engineering Services, gives a concise but excellent rundown of benefits realized from a business process automation strategy. Even with the simplest form of process automation, "without any process redesign or improvement, but by making ...responsibilities explicit, productivity improvements of more than 12% are normally realized."


What we can Learn About BPM Automation from the Judicial System


enterprise business automation and lob software integration case studies | ClarityState courts are notoriously inefficient and having to interact with them is a generally abrasive process. As it turns out, the courts themselves acknowledged this fact and turned to business process automation in order to improve services and save taxpayer money. A comprehensive report on how the courts went about improving business processes and implementing business automation strategies is a brilliant case study that can provide any business insights and parallels for introducing their own BPM strategy.


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