This short video will walk you through the Clarity eCommerce multi-cart options. From a standard checkout cart, mini-cart, quote cart, micro-cart, guest checkout, customized PCI DSS compliant checkout, and much more.




Video transcript:

To meet the custom needs of our B2B clients, Clarity eCommerce comes with multiple carts. These range from the checkout cart, mini-cart, micro-cart and quote cart to the sample basket.

To populate a cart, one can use the standard Add to Cart button, but for our B2B clients, custom wish lists, re-curring shopping lists, bulk order forms, quotes and more are the norm.

The checkout cart can be customized to your specific needs, allowing things like guest checkout, real-time sales tax calculations and shipping estimates, and even a quick add, SKU-based ordering UI.

Each user has their own address book to save shipping and billing addresses, which can be integrated with a corporate address book via back-office ERP or CRM integration.

For B2C clients, the wallet works with a PCI-DSS compliant provider so users can securely store their credit cards as tokens, and for the B2B client, custom invoicing and purchase orders for purchases on account.


Enterprise eCommerce

Don’t get stuck with a platform that limits your range, Sell everywhere all the time with Clarity eCommerce.

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