This short video will walk you through the Clarity eCommerce product details page. This video will show you how Clarity eCommerce displays your product, including image galleries, image zooming, videos, brochures, product specifications and attributes, as well as associated product lists (Related Products, etc.), adding items to the cart, wishlist or shopping list. It also shows you how you can optimize each individual product page for the search engines (SEO) to help drive site traffic.




Video Transcript

Aside from price, one of the reasons a user views a product online is to see and study the product as best they can, especially since they’re making a purchasing decision without seeing the actual item. That’s why high-quality images with zoom are shown to positively impact conversion rates.

A good eCommerce platform will also help you to turn your product catalog into rich SEO information, allowing you to optimize each product’s SEO metatags to help drive traffic. This also means exporting your product and category xml files to be registered with the search engines.

Unlimited attributes help you provide users with detailed information about your products and services, but can also be assigned as search filters.

Variants of a product can be different sizes or colors, and can contain an uplift in price, for example $4 extra to have it framed or gift wrapped.

Many of our B2B clients have us build them custom ordering portals, where it’s commonplace for their customers to order or in bulk. This means that showing all accurate stock availability at each location is important.

Another common B2B feature is to show custom pricing for distributors, wholesalers, resellers, and more. Either internally or through back-office integration, Clarity can show any price or combination of prices by client or client type.

Clarity also allows you unlimited associated products lists. These can be used for recommended or similar products, product add-ons, top selling products and more.


Enterprise eCommerce

Don’t get stuck with a platform that limits your range, Sell everywhere all the time with Clarity eCommerce.

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