This short video will walk you through the Clarity eCommerce Store Locator. This video will show you a few of the store locator possibilities. Store locators can have many different looks and capabilities, including live integration with Google maps, setting a default store to your account, using mileage ranges to search by zip code, purchasing online and having it shipped to a store for pickup and much more.




Video transcript:

Many of Clarity's clients have existing brick and mortar locations, as well as online stores. Having both gives them a leg up on the competition, but they need a way to easily link the two. This is done with a Store Locator.

Store locators make it easy for people to shop online, compare prices, then find a store nearby to pick up their item, saving time and shipping.

Most locators provide a search feature, using GEO settings, which automatically shows you the stores closest to you. Then you can enter a zip code or city and a range of miles to show all the stores within that area.

Clarity eCommerce also provides the ability to set a store as your default, ensuring any future visits to the website defaults to that store when displaying pricing and availability.

Another feature allows you to specify in-store pickup during checkout. Clarity eCommerce then auto-assigns the pickup location to your designated store.


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