email marketing campaign don'ts

And now, the much-anticipated second installment of our email marketing series! After following our handy list of "do's," please don't ever do anything on this next list. Ever.

When Designing an Email Campaign, Don’t:

  • Use dollar signs. Come on. It’s just tacky. 
  • Use too many exclamation marks. See above. 
  • Write in all caps. “SAVE MORE $$$$ TODAY!!!!!!!” Nope. Delete. 
  • Email too often. This is probably the fastest way to make a customer regret subscribing in the first place. 
  • Use a donotreply address. Email campaigns are about building a community. So don’t cut off communication with your customers – always allow them to reply to you, and then follow up with a response. 
  • Have too many calls to action. Just one per email, okay? Shhhh…I promise it’ll be okay. 
  • Rely on images. Most email clients, by default, don’t enable images. So make your entire campaign clear and readable, with or without images. Do use alt text, so a viewer can see what was supposed to be there. 
  • Rent your email list to someone else. The shade of it all! Don’t do that! 
  • Send an email out without thorough editing. We’ve all been there: you hit the “send” button, only to notice a glaring typo. For the grammar nerds among us, this is enough to send us into a shame spiral for days. Now imagine that, on the scale of your entire email list.
  • Send an email just for the sake of email. Yeah, you have a schedule to stick to, but honestly: no email at all is much better than a pointless email. 
  • Forget to be friendly. Be clear about your campaign’s value, make it helpful, and be personal and warm, and you’ll be fine! And if you need any help at all, contact Clarity’s marketing department. We have you covered. 

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