eCommerce and the Mobile Device

The statistics are compelling: 80 percent of the top websites as measured by Alexa are mobile adaptive / responsive, and 51 percent of marketing budgets are spent on mobile eCommerce. [1] That’s why it’s so important for B2B companies to support mobile online purchases with mobile-friendly features, proprietary mobile apps and support for easy mobile online purchases.

B2B companies run big risks if they fail to offer a compelling experience for mobile online purchases. The problems increase for distributors and wholesalers that fail to add value and mobile convenience for B2B buyers that act more and more like retail consumers. Self-service tools transform the buying experience, and mobile apps deliver highly focused experiences. At a minimum, your eCommerce platform should be mobile responsive so it doesn’t prohibit a user to interact with your site from their mobile device. Clarity eCommerce is mobile responsive out-of-the-box, and we’ve got an administrative mobile eCommerce app for your customers for checking on orders, quotes and invoices, as well as a pick ticket feature for warehouse workers fulfilling orders.

Supporting Mobile Marketplace Integrations

While WooCommerce isn’t known as a “B2B platform,” with the addition of B2B plugins, and Clarity’s ability to integrate WooCommerce with any ERP, CRM or EMR, it’s gaining more popularity, especially as SMBs that have used it for years continue to grow. More and more B2B companies are using WooCommerce and strengthening its impact with integration--especially mobile apps. It’s actually easy to convert the WooCommerce plugin into an app for mobile phones to capture the increasing trend of using apps to make online purchases. The benefits of a WooCommerce app include:

  • Ability to work online and offline
  • User-friendly interface that delivers a superior customer experience
  • Customizable
  • Loads instantly
  • Enables timely push notifications, emails and text messages
  • Offers quick searches based on customer preferences
  • Stores statistics in in graphical formats for easy interpretation and comparison
  • Works like a native app
  • Enables customers to bookmark content and save favorites products to a wish list
  • Apps provide better speed and security than mobile browsers

Easy Conversions

It’s easy to convert your WooCommerce store website into a mobile eCommerce app with just a few clicks and none of the complex coding problems usually involved with building a multichannel app for iOS, Android and Windows operating systems. These apps can be placed in the app stores to reach wider audiences, and they can be offered on the company website as well. There are many plugins available to do the conversion job including the WooCommerce App Builder by MageNative. [2] This app can turn a WooCommerce store into an app for Android and iOS to enhance mobile eCommerce at minimal costs. Some of the features of this app include:

  • Multilingual marketing
  • Sending push notifications at optimal times
  • Ability to authenticate third-party credentials using social media
  • Extended payment gateways for a seamless ordering experience
  • Barcode scanning page that allows customers to share product information easily

The Magenative app supports payments from multiple gateways including checks, COD orders, bank transfers, Authorize Net, Paypal Adaptive, PayPal Standard, PayU, Stripe and Pesapal.

The Two-Pronged Marketing Strategy

The projected value of the mobile retail market is expected to surpass the $151 billion generated in 2017. [3] About 78 percent of apps users would rather use an app than a mobile browser. An astonishing 49 percent of B2B researchers use their mobile phones at work instead of a desktop. [4]

For these reasons--and many others--it’s important to take a two-pronged approach to mobile development: creating an app and optimizing the company’s web pages for mobile browsing. Hiring a development partner with skill in integrating the company’s sales platform can ensure that all apps, mobile displays and customer features are fully connected to all the company’s business applications. It’s not enough to build an app unless it’s thoroughly integrated with company software such as ERP, CRM, third-party connections and business intelligence, which is where Clarity Connect comes into play. Clarity’s integration platform allows us to integrate your WordPress WooCommerce storefront, with any back-office line of business application, including your supply chain. So now, your WooCommerce platform CAN grow with your business.

Supporting Mobile Marketplace Best Practices

Mobile marketing encourages higher conversion rates in several ways. Mobile displays seldom use banners, unnecessary buttons and other distractions. App customers typically look at 4.6 times more products than they do on mobile browsers regardless of how well they adapt to small screens. [3] The result of this intense focus is that customers enjoy a faster browsing experience with fewer distractions. Conversion rates increase, and cart abandonment rates fall. Mobile apps generate 130 percent more revenue than desktop sites and 140 percent more revenue than mobile sites.

Mobile Apps Require Integration to Work at 100-percent Capacity

Getting an affordable app is just part of the story. If you want to enjoy automated admin processes and the benefits of connecting automatically with ERP and CRM software, hiring the right development partner is a critical step--especially for B2B companies that have to satisfy complex customer needs. These include connecting with third-party carriers, calculating various tax rates in different jurisdictions and satisfying the needs of multiple decision makers. Hiring an expert development team enables you to synchronize everything with CRM software like Salesforce, assign B2C and B2B deals, maintain proper inventory and ensure data integrity. Give Clarity a call today to discuss your mobile or eCommerce integration project.


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