eCommerce managers are always looking for good ways to stay in the mind of their customers. One strategy that has been widely used, analyzed, and documented is email marketing campaign management. The bread and butter of this strategy is the size of the subscriber list. Obviously, the more customers you can sign up as email subscribers, the more updates and information you can send out.
But how do you grow that list? It is a frequent struggle of eCommerce managers to make that subscriber list as big as it can get. There are a few strategies that you can use, here are three of them:

Email Subscribe Form Placement

UX is becoming more important. If you don’t make it easy on your visitors to subscribe, then they won’t. Usually it is a good idea to consider this form placement in the design process of your website. Top right is a common placement, and it’s always a good idea to have this form on every page.

Shopping Cart Workflow

 If a visitor is already buying something, it’s more likely that they would sign up for your email list. Make sure to save a little bit of screen real estate in the shopping cart workflow for a subscribe form.

Social Media

Sometimes subscribing to an email list right away is too much of a commitment for visitors. If you send out examples of your email offers through social channels, those visitors may feel more comfortable with signing up. Please contact Clarity if you are interested in discussing an eCommerce marketing project.

Enterprise eCommerce

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