Online commerce is a quickly growing industry. eCommerce sales numbers are quickly rising and the technology behind those sales is being constantly innovated. Here are some details about a trend we are seeing in the eCommerce space:

Visitor analytics are providing really important data to managers. For our eCommerce clients, we install visitor data mining programs that help our clients understand the behavior of their customers and non-customers while they are on the site. We've even built a machine-learning module for our own Clarity eCommerce platform that can track what your visitors are browsing and not buying, how often they come back, what products are added to the carts and not purchased, what their buying habits over the last X months are, and much more.

This is extremely important data to collect and map. Talk about real Sales Insights, right? Once an understanding of behavior trends emerges to managers, they’re able to execute calculated changes, promotions, updates and more to the site to improve workflow and conversions.

Many managers don’t consider their website’s design when attempting to improve site workflows. But, as Steve Jobs said, “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” That IS the experience that your users have with you. That's what sets the tone of the relationship and how professional they feel your company is. 

Once we collect information on how visitors surf through our clients’ websites, we are able to make design changes that bring new focus and better user experience to the sites. If you have any questions about visitor data mining, please contact Clarity.

Enterprise eCommerce

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