80% of marketers report that website optimization is a dominant priority for conversions.
For every $92 spent on acquiring potential customers, only $1 is spent converting them! By optimizing a website for a more enjoyable user experience and a higher efficiency goal completion funnel, you can improve conversion rates and receive higher ROI on customer acquisition initiatives. If you want lower online shopping cart abandonment rates, increased page views, higher search engine rankings, lower bounce rates, more time spent on your site and a general improvement across all relevant metrics, read on.

This articles seeks to give you all the necessary resources and tools to begin optimizing your website. We've taken the very best website optimization experts and thought leading companies from around the web and compiled their best tips, tricks and tools into one page for you.


How to Get Experts to Work for You....for Free


best website optimization and conversion resources | ClarityYour website exists to convert online traffic into goal completions. Crazy Egg put together an authoritative collection of 17 website optimization blogs that detail tips, tricks and best practices for increasing your website's conversion rate. The best part is that a lot of these blogs are pretty niche, so whether your interested in eCommerce best conversion practices or how to write better copy, you're guaranteed to find something useful within this list.


3 Essential Parts to Website Optimization


guide to web page optimization best practices for enterprise business | ClarityChief Editor of Hongkait.com, Hongkait Lim, has outlined three essential parts of web optimization: server-side optimization, assets optimization, and platform. This article thoroughly explores each aspect in detail and is a great reference to review whether or not your website is fully optimized.


How to Fish for Clicks with Images


how to use images to improve search engine rankings of a b2b website | ClarityAre you using web images correctly? Images play a enormous role in online website and engagement optimization, but many websites make all too common mistakes that hurt their conversion rate. This post from Honkiat gives you a simple, step by step process for optimizing images while this Clarity blog article explains how images improve conversions as well as SEO.


Slow Sites Kill: How to Optimize Your Website Speed


how to improve web site speed for enterprise-level websites | ClarityAny page that takes over 3 seconds to load loses 40% of it's traffic! This great Kissmetrics blog post gives you simple and free website speed analysis tools, like Webpagetest.org,as well as strategies to decrease page load time.


A 100% Guaranteed Way to Increase Revenue From Your Website


web page conversion and optimization experts for enterprise businessesGet amazing insights from these short quotes of these 20 online optimization experts via Unbounce. These are the 20 people whose blog posts you read, who you follow on Twitter, and who you look to for the latest in website optimization trends and thought. You have a 100% chance of finding a great tip or trick that WILL help improve your online business and bottom line from these website optimization industry leaders.



Suggested Readings on How to Optimize Your Enterprise Website




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