Email marketing is still one of the pillars of internet marketing. Building an email subscriber list and converting those subscribers into customers is a tried and true method. But therein lies the trick, how do you convert those subscribers? Here are some tips on how to do just that. By the way, this article is about engaging the propect, and not about how to beat the SPAM filters (that's another article).

Relevancy is Key

When a subscriber allows you to send them periodic emails, they are making a commitment. Don’t make them regret it. Your content should be relevant to your subscribers and provide value to them in some way. If you run an eCommerce business, consider sending out discounts with each email. Not only does that increase conversion but it decreases churn rate (the amount of subscribers that unsubscribe each period). You've only got two things you can do - educate or offer. Make sure whatever you choose leads to conversions. Try A/B testing them to see which one gets more click throughs.

Be Straight Forward

Ask for the recipient to visit your website. That doesn’t mean you literally just ask them to visit the site. You should create a call-to-action, or CTA, to incentivize them. Again, a discount announcement, download a white paper or report with a link to a page with more info is a great example.

Be Dynamic

No subscriber wants to see the same type of email every time. Hit a bunch of different pain points. Each user has different issues that they and their business are dealing. Then you have to hit them when they're experiencing the problem. Don't get discouraged, just keep offering to help them "address their issues." Change it up a little bit when you can. Ask your customers what they want!  If you have that information, conversion will be easy.

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