There are plenty of marketing channels that website owners use today to promote their businesses. Two of them are email and social media. These two tools can be combined to achieve even more results!

Integrating Email and Social Media

Email can push traffic to your blog, and your blog can increase email subscribers. These two are perfect companions to help each other out. If you post interesting blog content that is found by outside visitors, those visitors are more likely to fill out an email subscription form. Alternatively, if someone is interested enough to be subscribed to your email list, they are more likely to follow a click through to your blog.

Other social channels can bring in email subscribers as well. Twitter is a great place to broadcast your content and be found by visitors that otherwise would have no idea that your business existed. Because of Twitters robust search feature, you can be found by many if you have the initiative to jump in the conversation!

Social media is a great platform to send out messages in between email broadcasts. Since emails are usually sent periodically, social channels allow you the opportunity to fill the gap between send outs.

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