Consumers have become more wary about purchasing products from an eCommerce website sight unseen. To combat this problem and encourage your visitors to make a purchase, it’s advisable that you use user reviews to your advantage. In fact, more and more consumers have come to rely on these reviews, as it gives them valuable information from an impartial source (i.e. it’s not a marketing message). Clarity Ventures can help you maximize the impact of user reviews for your online business.

eCommerce Website Submission Form

One of the first things that you need to ensure is that you are using a submission form to allow your users to submit reviews of your eCommerce website.

This helps to discourage bots and frauds, and is a far better option than a simple rating system. Clarity Ventures can build custom submission forms to meet your specific eCommerce needs and encourage user review submissions.

Vet Your Posters

It’s all too easy for just anyone to leave a review (usually a negative one, or spam) if you do not have some sort of verification system in place. The best option here is to use a purchase verification system to make sure that the person leaving the review actually bought the product in question. Genuine feedback is vital, but you have to take the right steps to get that feedback. This also ensures that only customers who purchased the product through your website (as opposed to buying offline somewhere) can leave a review.

Give Them Their Due

User reviews are powerful tools that can help improve your eCommerce website’s profitability.

User reviews are powerful tools that can help improve your eCommerce website’s profitability. However, you have to highlight them in order to maximize their value to you. If you have them tucked away at the bottom of a page out of sight, then they’re not doing their job. Make them a prominent feature of the page and you will find that they work far better. You can also show the average rating from users next to your product description with a link so visitors can view all the reviews available.

Clarity Ventures can create the user review system and layout that you need to maximize profitability, whether you operate a B2C or B2B eCommerce website. Our expert Austin ASP.NET developers will design, implement and integrate the solution you need to make use of these powerful tools.

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