Website visitors are 3 times more likely to buy something from an online story when they have the support of a sales representative. This is extremely relevant in all kinds of commerce. When you’re in a store at the mall, what is the first thing you always hear?

“Good morning/afternoon/evening, may I help you with anything today?”

It is a universal law that people feel more comfortable when given help. Even if they refuse, it makes them feel good to know that it is available.

Most eCommerce live engagement in the past has been text-based. Most companies are okay with sticking to that method. However, multimedia is about to run over text-based support and those companies are going to get left behind.

When a website can offer video and images that help the customer make a decision, consumer satisfaction and conversion goes up. That’s a classic win-win.

“The customer is always right.” How many times have you heard that before? Well, for that to apply businesses need to listen to their customers carefully. That kind of communication doesn’t always translate over text. Video chat sessions provide more in-depth Q&A and feedback.

Interactive catalogs are on their way to the mainstream. eCommerce professionals all over the net are preparing their websites for the future of online selling, and that includes interactivity. Not only is this interaction fun for the customer, it provides more effective workflows and again, higher conversion rates.

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