Most preconceived notions about China’s economy would suggest that it consists of a lot of blue-collar workers who make cheap goods for their Western counterparts. Some of these notions include beliefs that China’s economy is only surging because the West has high demand for inexpensive goods and China can supply them.

There is a company called Greenbox that is fighting these notions. Greenbox makes kids clothes in China, and sells them within China. The kids clothes are, to some, surprisingly high-end and stylish.

When Disney approached Greenbox and offered to make a deal in which Greenbox would manufacture products for Disney, they turned it down. Eventually the deal was done under Greenbox’s conditions, and will produce an online collection for a Disney Chinese promotion.

What is this telling us? Well, it could be telling us that the eCommerce demand internationally is rising. China was seen as one of the “last frontiers” as far as online selling goes, due to its inaccessibility and its ability to produce very cheap goods within its own country.

This is by no means an end-all-be-all of eCommerce deals, but it is very suggestive of how far along international eCommerce has come. Greenbox is currently bringing in approximately $50mil in annual revenue.

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