Smartphone sales have already hit their elbow curve. We are now seeing exponential growth of mobile devices with features that seem to get better every month. So it’s no surprise that advertising departments and agencies are adjusting to this new reality. What does this mean for eCommerce? What can it mean?

Smartphone users only spend 7% of their time shopping. That’s small, relative to the 38% they spend connecting and socializing.

However, Yahoo!/Ipsos research found that mobile users are the most likely to recall and engage with ads they saw while shopping on their phone. Bingo.

UX on mobile devices has continuously achieved higher standards over the past few years, and this may be a sign that we are on the edge of reaping the rewards.

While shopping eCommerce on a mobile device, 73% of the time consumers were using a browser as opposed to an app. It is much easier to display ads on a browser than it is on an app. As phones become more versatile and browsers get better and faster, this trend should be capitalized on by more advertisers.

Advertisers could spend up to $1.1 billion on mobile this year. For an industry that seemed like it was scrambling over this space 2 years ago, that’s a good sign.

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