In 2015 Mobile eCommerce Purchases Surpassed Desktop


Mobile shopping is getting more popular. This trend has eCommerce managers asking the question: Do we need to optimize our site for mobile, or should we build an app?

It’s a great question, and one that hasn’t yet been answered by the open market as a whole. However, that won’t keep us from exploring the subject.

Let’s look the advantages of building a custom app. Generally, the user interface and experience is much better on apps. This is because they are much easier to navigate and understand right off the bat. There are also special features that can be included on an app as opposed to a mobile optimized site. For instance, account information is more easily stored and automatically applied in an app.

There are advantages of a mobile optimized site as well. First, mobile sites work on all devices. If you build an app, you have to worry about making it for iPhone, Android, Windows, maybe even another one for the iPad. If you don’t build one for every platform, you might be losing out on potential customers. This is not a problem with mobile sites.

When deciding between building an app and a mobile optimized site, it’s best to consult development professionals to evaluate your needs and how to address them. If you have any questions about mobile development, please contact us.

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