Bringing Life to Your Recruiting Practice

Growing too fast can generate a host of business problems. It's hard to brand a business and support its core culture when hiring and training hundreds of new employees. Easy-to-avoid mistakes can result in a disengaged staff that damages the company's reputation with critical customers, recruitment agencies and top industry talent. Hiring talent is increasingly difficult in today's market. 42 percent of employers worry about finding essential talent to maintain and expands operations. [1] Bad reviews by former employees can further handicap recruitment efforts. That's why it's so important to engage your staff and improve employee morale.

Recruiting Best Practices Depend on an Integrated Platform

Recruiting effectiveness only extends to the limits of recruiting and operating software and empathetic human contact. An eye-opening 64 percent of millennials are satisfied with making less money instead of working at a boring, unfulfilling job. [2] Implementing recruiting best practices, efficient management and employee self-service options can improve employee morale, inspire loyalty and ensure that ex-employees become assets instead of an embarrassment to the company.

Consider an employee who moves to a position elsewhere that seems more fulfilling. If that employee experiences a seamless transition through a simplified off-boarding program, he or she is more likely write a good review of the company and refer it friends and associates. If the new job proves less fulfilling than expected, the employee might want to return, which would save training expenses. The benefits of integrated recruitment software include:

Winnowing Resumes Efficiently

  • Integrated software can scan incoming resumes to identify candidates with the proper qualifications for further screening.

Communicating the Company's Expectations

  • Integrated software makes it easy to communicate with new hires and prospects about the company's core values and workplace culture.

Fostering Company Health and Wellness

  • Employees care more about the fundamentals than fancy benefits like a free lunch. About 40 percent of millennials choose their employers based on health benefits. Implementing a strong health and wellness program helps to attract top talent.


  • Employees can consult their records, change contact information and request time off for vacation, personal leave, etc. Access to employment records simplifies applying for services, new jobs, apartment leases, credit and mortgages.

Facilitating Programs for Cross-training and Mentoring

  • Employees work better when it's transparently clear what they need to do to advance in the company. Integrated HR management can identify candidates for advancement, nurture their skills, provide cross-training and hook them up with skilled mentors for succession training or vertical advancement.

Staying Informed About Hiring Trends

  • Third-party business intelligence integrations keep HR staff up-to-date on critical employment trends such as industry perks and benefits, diversity hiring policies and flexible scheduling. HR staff can set automated searches for reviews of the company and its competitors on job sites to manage the company's reputation.

Reaching Out to Strengthen Recruiting Effectiveness

  • Integrated recruiting means connecting directly with the sources of qualified job candidates such as high schools, universities, recruiters, professional associations, peer-reviewed journals, industry conferences and executive search firms.

Matching In-house Talent with Job Openings

  • Automated software can match job openings with in-house talent. It's easy to forget about unused employee skills, but integrated HR recruiting and management software never forgets a skill, request or disciplinary action. Employees appreciate being offered first refusal for a job opening even if they prefer to stay where they are.

Balancing Work and Lifestyle Activities

  • Employees--especially millennials--enjoy flexible work arrangements to balance their work and social obligations. Giving employees time and resources for recreation, social engagement, work flexibility and strong benefits packages helps staff to live more balanced lives and become more productive at work.

Building Better Profiles of Employees and Job Candidates

  • Integrated software helps to build better profiles of job candidates by capturing data from social media, professional associations and industry news.

Integration makes it easier to manage all aspects of recruitment, employee development, benefits and performance incentives. Recruiting best practices increasingly depend on automation in companies with hundreds of employees and/or stakeholders.

Training Beginners Instead of Hiring Experienced Staff

Some companies--especially those with unique concepts and business models--might find it more effective to train fresh and enthusiastic recruits instead of hiring skilled staff. A Wharton research study found that skilled workers often bring lots of baggage, preconceived ideas and stubborn attitudes to their new positions. [3] The costs of cross-corporation attitudes and practices often outweigh the benefits.

Companies can set up their own training programs and nurture new hires to assume increasingly higher company positions. Integrated HR management software makes it so much easier to identify and train people for advancement. New hires don't develop any bad habits that might characterize other companies.

Organizations can also focus on recruiting for cultural fit instead of looking for specific sets of skills that can be taught. The Wharton study found that cultural fit was a better indicator of recruiting success than searching for predefined skills. With an integrated platform, it's easy to adjust your recruiting parameters and search strategies for communicating with potential applicants.

The Best Fit for Recruiting Effectiveness

The more you offer employees to create a dynamic and transparent company culture, the easier it is to recruit new staff, enlist employees in recruitment efforts and get strong reviews from ex-employees on job boards and recruiting agency review sites. Integration is an important part of automating your recruiting and management functions in today's highly competitive hiring markets. Integration forces your software to fit your company instead of requiring you to make changes in your operations. That's the best fit of all for recruiting success.


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