You may have experienced this lately while browsing the internet: You visit Company A’s site that is marketing their service or product. You decide to leave that site and surf more of the net. However, it seems that most sites you load up are showing you advertisements of Company A.

How can this be? You never saw Company A’s ads before but now it seems as if you can’t get away from them. It’s called retargeted advertising and it's relatively inexpensive and has been proven to work.

Ad groups have created platforms (Clarity uses Adroll for our retargeting) that can track users when they visit a website and show them relevant ads once they have left. This can be good and bad. It’s good for the advertiser because you know you’re showing your ad to someone who is at least a little interested in your services. However, it might become a nuisance to the visitor if they start seeing these ads everywhere they go on the internet. Your ad might gain the negative connotation that comes with an annoyingly persistent salesman.

However, when done right, retargeted advertising can be extremely effective. It is a relatively new way to retain visitors and turn them into customers. If you’re interested in this sort of technology, please Contact Clarity. We have the experience to create effective retargeting campaigns and help your company’s brand remain in your visitors’ mind.

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