Google recently unleashed their version of the “Like” button with +1. Essentially, it works exactly like the Facebook button. If a visitor likes your brand or your content, they can +1 your company or a specific page within your website. Those +1s add up and you can display the total as a sort of bragging right. But how is it different? The difference is in the implications.

What do you get from a Facebook “Like”? You get a fan that will see your messages as you post them, maybe.

Importance of Google +1

What do you get from a Google +1? Possibly higher search results, which means more visitors and more revenue.

Many eCommerce managers are feeling overwhelmed because there is another social tool to learn and worry about. I think if those managers see the potential in +1 they would be more excited about it.

Google is the leader in search which means they are effectively the leader in traffic distribution. This market leader now has a social tool to decide who is relevant and who is not. That is an extremely important measure.

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