If you’re a decision maker of an eCommerce business, it has probably crossed your mind that Social channels are tweaking marketing techniques for online retailers. This means that adjustments are necessary to keep your customers engaged. Here are some tips that should help a social media beginner guide their company in the right direction:

Make sure your profile is looking good and professional. If your Twitter page looks messy or empty, you may lose visitors right away. It’s important to have a quality logo and background in place. Make sure it supports and promotes the same messaging and branding as your site.

Don’t spam your followers! You should value each and every follower, and understand that if you start to annoy them they will unfollow your company. Consider where you do your retargeting carefully. Don't become the "used car salesman."

Use Twitter Search. Typing your company’s name into Twitter Search can do wonders for your awareness of the discussion that is happening around your brand. Once you’ve got a good handle of the conversation, you can jump in.

Connect on a personal level. That’s what it’s all about right? If you can have a couple of personal conversations with a customer, they will be much more loyal to you than if you don’t try to connect with them. If you’d like to discuss a Social marketing campaign, please contact Clarity here.

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