A lot of buzz is circling the social channels and how they can be used as marketing tools. Many eCommerce managers understand that social media can be used to improve their sales and conversion, but aren’t sure how to do it. We help a lot of our clients integrate their website with their social efforts, here are some of our thoughts.

True Social Engagement

The first and most important thing to keep in mind is this: Keep your social efforts social. The great value these media sites provide is personal communication with customers that didn’t previously take place. Make your social profiles a place for customers to ask questions and comment on what they’ve bought or are thinking about buying. Then follow up with them.

Social media, above all else, is a great customer service tool. This is a very important point to understand before you delve into the ways that you can use it as a promotion tool.

Of course, that is a huge part of the social media buzz. It is easier than ever to broadcast short and frequent messages to your followers and fans. This is also a highly abused method. Your messages should always provide value and never consist of spam.

If you’d like more information on how to integrate your social profiles with your eCommerce website, please contact Clarity.

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