There have been many changes to online commerce recently. One of those things is how companies interact with their customers.

The help desk has gone social. eCommerce customer service used to involve emails and the occasional phone conversation. This discussion has now moved to networks like Twitter. Thousands of times a day, large businesses are being ridiculed, praised, questioned, and recommended on open social channels.

It is becoming more and more common for customers or potential clients to tweet at brands and companies asking for answers to their questions. Those companies better be there to respond, or they might lose out on this growing number of social customers.

On the cost side, this is great for businesses. Creating a proprietary help desk system on a website is an expensive and convoluted process. It is much easier to have that conversation where your customers are already hanging out online.

This is an efficient process not only because the channels are popular, but because they are mobile as well. Mobile commerce is growing, and with that comes growth in mobile commerce customer service.

Social has not yet overridden the importance of email or phone. However, it is growing and companies that want to compete should be watching these social channels for opportunities to help out their customers.
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