So you’ve have an email campaign and you’re looking for metrics to base decisions off of, or you want to know how to calculate ROI for marketing expense purposes. The first question you might be asking is: What is the value of an email subscriber?

First, you need to determine how many email subscribers you currently have. Then you should calculate a rough estimate of how many sales were driven from email in the last year. There are many ways to do that. Some eCommerce managers have visitor tracking programs that can see where purchases come from, or they encourage subscribers to use promotion codes that are traceable. You could also use more indirect methods such as percentage estimate of overall increase in sales after emails are released.

Then you should decide on a time frame to work with. A year is usually a good standard time frame.

You can then calculate the value of an email subscriber by comparing revenue brought in by your total list over the time period divided by the number of subscribers you have.

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