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At Clarity, we find it ridiculous that some competitors charge extra for or limit the total number of categories you can assign to products in your enterprise eCommerce store. Clarity's eCommerce Solution offers unlimited categories right out of the box with no extra charges or hidden fees down the road. This makes it easy to intuitively add or remove categories as you test functionality and scale your eCommerce solution with the growth of your business.

A simple Google search for 'online product categorization' reveals a wealth of scholarly articles and research that highlight the importance of item categorization as a driver of success for an enterprise eCommerce store. A robust system of online product categorization is beneficial to an eCommerce website in three distinct ways:


  • Improved Customer Experience:

    enterprise e commerce website product categorization user friendly | ClarityWhen a prospective customer visits your online store, there is no representative present to ask: "Can I help you find anything today?" Your eCommerce website must categorize products in a way that intuitively answers any questions about the location of specific products.

    For enterprise eCommerce websites with a multitude of product types and lines, a limitation on product categorization can drastically reduce the amount of products sold simply because their customers are unable to find what they're looking for. A well planned product categorization strategy mitigates customer frustration, increases conversion rates and raises overall revenue.

  • Higher Product Page Rankings in Search Engines:

    seo friendly e-commerce website platforms for enterprise business | ClarityMuch of the thinking behind Google's search ranking algorithm involves scoring pages with a better user experience higher than those that confuse or frustrate website visitors. As such, a user friendly eCommerce website product categorization strategy can actively improve the rankings of store products.

    With a staggering 73% of mobile shoppers and 90% of desktop eCommerce shoppers with research a product online before a purchase, making SEO friendly site design through common-sense categorization a detail not to be overlooked. Additionally, categorization using SEO friendly keywords can also improve eCommerce website product rankings in search results.

  • Increased Organizational Efficiency:

    e-commerce website solution for enterprise organization | ClarityFor enterprise level eCommerce websites, employees are constantly changing, adding or updating product pages for a variety of reasons. With large eCommerce catalogs full of a diverse offering of products, employees can quickly find themselves wasting time searching for the correct product page within the online store.

    A robust product categorization strategy simplifies the process of finding and editing eCommerce website pages for all teams across your organization, resulting in an improvement in overall organization efficiency.


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