Unlimited eCommerce SKUs

Infinite eCommerce Products and Variants



One of the most common grievances enterprise businesses have with their eCommerce platform is the relatively limited number of uniquely identifiable stock keeping units allowed. This restricts the total number of products and their variants, resulting in a lose-lose choice between product variability or product diversity. Many platforms providers even charge extra as their customers grow and add an ever more diverse catalog of product offerings to their eCommerce website.

Clarity's eCommerce platform is built to facilitate strong growth, flexibility and scalability without penalizing our clients for their success. This means our solution natively offers unlimited SKUs without any extra cost or hidden fees. Additionally, Clarity eCommerce gives you the ability to intuitively track millions of unique SKUs in order to give your eCommerce store a competitive advantage through:


  • Diverse, Personalized Online Product Offerings:

    personalized enterprise e-commerce platform solution | ClarityThe ability to offer product variants that cater to the unique preferences of each individual customer is essential to improving conversion rates and the number of total sales. Unlimited stock keeping units combined with powerful CRM and analytical tools give you the ability to automatically generate personalized offers to each customer.

  • Efficient eCommerce Supply Chains:

    e commerce supply chain management platform for enterprise business | ClarityHaving a large amount of SKUs allows your business to eliminate inefficient supply chain redundancies. Furthermore, this allows you to give customers an accurate prediction of expected delivery dates in real time. Both of these translate into a competitive advantage for your eCommerce store and a more pleasurable purchasing experience for your customers.

  • Intelligent ERP in Real-Time:

    e-commerce ERP platform solution for enterprise businesses | ClaritySKUs are a crucial part of a fully integrated and automated ERP system that reacts in real-time to the resource application needs of your enterprise based on constantly shifting markets. The power to understand how your market and customers behave, react, and evolve over time can mitigate the chance of a disastrous misallocation of resources.

  • Eliminate Unprofitable Revenue Streams:

    best e-commerce platform for ERP | ClarityA finite number of SKUs is detrimental to your ability to identify weak products and their variants for removal or improvement. Importantly, this kind of eCommerce catalog product line assessment can be done in real-time, shielding your bottom line from shocking quarterly losses.