ECommerce Checkout Solutions

From Online Cart to Purchase Completed in a Single Page


Eliminating Barriers to Purchase in the eCommerce Checkout 


Of shoppers who abandon their cart, 89% of new and 71% of returning customers will not visit the site again for 4 weeks
It's a costly mistake even the biggest eCommerce websites make: the checkout process.

You've done all the work to attract the visitor, show them the product, convince them to place the item in the cart, and then lose them with an overly complicated checkout system that causes your customers to leave, most of whom rarely return.

Clarity's eCommerce checkout solution is to provide the simplest process including the minimum number of steps possible for your customers to complete their transaction. Clarity eCommerce even offers a one-step checkout solution!


Clarity's One Step eCommerce Checkout Solution


When it comes to eCommerce checkout processes, simplicity is the name of the game. Fortunately for Clarity customers, it doesn't get much simpler than one easy step for their visitors to complete a purchase.

The average eCommerce website includes a whopping 5 pages of checkout procedure (some even require 9 steps to checkout!). While more than one page may be necessary for some online businesses, namely enterprise B2B eCommerce websites, Clarity's solution is able to condense the checkout process on your eCommerce website to as few steps as possible. In many cases, this is just one, aesthetically pleasing checkout page that takes information and intuitively applies it to the rest of the process for the customer.

From cart to complete, Clarity's eCommerce checkout page solution is the easiest and most effective platform on the market.

However, Clarity's platform doesn't stop performing at the one page checkout option. Here are six common checkout process blunders and how Clarity's solution solves them all with ease:


Typical Barriers to Purchase for eCommerce Websites


Here are some of the most common eCommerce website checkout problems that Clarity's solution solves:

  1. Requiring Registration Before Checkout:
    This is a surprisingly common issue that can be a eCommerce sales conversion killer. According to Smashing Magazine, around 24% of eCommerce websites STILL require registration before checkout!

    Clarity's solutions allows you to accomplish registration through the first checkout process by automatically creating a customer account using information the customer uses during the typical checkout process. This eliminates an unnecessary barrier to purchase for first time customers on your eCommerce website.

    Even large eCommerce websites are guilty of this checkout process sin. Here's a look at the Sears great checkout page compared to Tesco's sub-par one:

  2. Showing a Checkout Progress Indicator:
    Showing customers how simple the purchasing process can be is a huge sales conversion booster. A simple progress indicator showing the simplicity of steps increases the liklihood of initiating the transaction process as well as decreases the chances that the customer will abandon the transaction half way through the process.

    Clarity's eCommerce solution includes a progress indicator that dynamically changes based on the number of steps in your checkout process and the customer's progression within the checkout.

  3. Displaying Clear, Compact and Concise Forms:
    When a customer decides to purchase, a large number of forms can be daunting and can turn the consumer off, causing them to abandon the process. Your checkout process should contain fields requesting only the information you absolutely need to complete the transaction.

    Clarity's eCommerce solution allows you to determine which fields are displayed and also lets you customize those fields to suite your unique business needs.

  4. Asking for the Same Information Repeatedly:
    No one likes redundant tasks, especially customers. Yet if this is true, then why do so many eCommerce websites ask for the same information over and over again? Most of the time, shipping and billing addresses are the same, so why not save your customers some time?

    50% of eCommerce websites ask for the same information twice during checkout!

    Clarity's eCommerce solution gives customers the option to use shipping information as billing information, thereby assisting your customers in tediously filling out forms and inputting information.

  5. Allowing eCommerce Website Customers to Edit Their Order During the Checkout Process:
    We all make mistakes from time time, especially when it comes to eCommerce checkouts. Allowing your customers to return to the previous page and edit the items in their cart without having to re-enter all their shipping or billing information can go a long way in reducing lost sales.

    Clarity's eCommerce platform includes a functional 'back' button that saves information but allows the customer to return to a previous page for editing. Additionally, customers may edit the number of items or the products in their cart without losing the information they've already entered. This reduces online shopping cart abandonment and increases the average size of order per transaction!

  6. Including Trust Signals:
    Customers are very concerned with their privacy and the security of the personal information when shopping online. Your consumers and website visitors need to be reminded that your platform is safe and secure.

    Clarity provides a host of trust indicators including our top of the line .NET based security apparatus that comfort customers during their online checkout process. Clarity allows for the inclusion of security icons such as locks or bars as well as security or trust affiliated company logos used in your business or eCommerce processes.